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Oliver Ferguson II
An interesting development
Fri Nov 25, 2016 14:45

Oliver sat at the desk in his room studying for his RATS. While it wasn't part of his main objective now, getting all Os was still pretty important to him. Nora had gotten all Os and while he could not beat that-unfortunately-he was not about to let her have the impression she was smarter than him. After all, she was female. Right there, Oliver had an inherent advantage.

His main goal in life might have been to fix his father, but putting his cousins in their place had been his lifelong dream from the time he was little to the day he discovered his father's nasty little secret and it slipped to being only his second greatest goal. And Nora had gotten prefect and Head Student which he hadn't-Portia getting prefect didn't actually count because there had been no other options in her year and house group-so this was all he had left to prove his point.

And he really was getting tired of being bested by his inferiors. Not just Nora but Clark too. The seventh year very much believed that the reason his roommate had even gotten prefect was due to a bias that some of the staff had against purebloods or towards Quidditch players. Oliver knew full well that he himself had been the best one for the job as Clark was a halfblood and Lena was a girl, and a strange one at that. At the same time though at least he had time to study and work on what truly mattered instead of wasting his time on the frivolous crap that Clark did such as Quidditch. Plus he could at least take comfort in the other Aladren not getting Head Boy and while Teppenpaws were generally soft and useless, at least Jake Manger was from a good pureblood family. Or a better one than the other options anyway.

An owl swooped in just then and dropped a letter in front of him. It sat there patiently as if waiting for a treat. Like Oliver was going to give it one. "Go on, shoe." He waved it away. The seventh year had never really gotten on with animals much. The only place for them in his life was on his plate.

He tore open the letter and read, slightly annoyed that he'd been interrupted.


The letter was in his father's handwriting and the Aladren almost crumpled it up and threw it away but the text of the letter caught his eye.

Your betrothal to Miss Priscilla Caldwell has been arranged. She and her family shall be visiting us at midterm.


He knew this would happen eventually and quite frankly, Oliver wasn't too unhappy about it. Okay, the fact that his home would be invaded during his break was annoying but he had to admit, Miss Caldwell did indeed fit his criteria for a wife. She was pureblood, very attractive and proper and about as intelligent as one of her gender could be. She would make an excellent trophy wife. Sort of like Caelia Lucan but not a complete and total idiot or Kelsey Atwater but blonde-he liked blondes- and not related to him. Besides, for all Oliver prioritized studying be it for classes or for his own projects, he did have...the normal physical desires for women-emphasis on them being for women- that were healthy for a boy his age.

Besides, he felt he had something to prove. And Priscilla was going to help him prove it.

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