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John Umland
I did it for science. (Professor Pye)
Tue Jan 10, 2017 20:20

When John had first started to suspect that his roommate was a werewolf, the correct course of action to take had been obvious. He could not just throw an accusation like that out on the basis of a thought he’d had while sleep deprived one night. Having asked a question (why is Donovan so often away?), made an observation (Donovan was gone during the full moon, when werewolves transform, that night I had the thought while sleep deprived), and formulated a hypothesis (Donovan is a werewolf), John had begun collecting data. He had figured out the phases of the moon and carefully noted his roommate’s behavior, or at least as much of it as John could reasonably observe without going to more trouble than it was worth, and once he had several months of data to examine, he analyzed it and drew a conclusion. His conclusion was that his hypothesis was almost certainly correct and his roommate was, in fact, a werewolf.

That had been the easy part. The part where, after looking at the cold numbers on the page, John had felt the urgent need to repeatedly cross himself and repeat the Memorare almost as many times had been simple enough, too; unpleasant, but since John had known how to pray desperately for his life for quite some time, simple enough to address. Then, though, after his reason had reasserted itself and reminded him that Donovan hadn’t killed him in all this time and that he did not think any of his behavior had changed enough recently to make it worth it for someone reasonably-minded (some of the time, anyway) enough to get into Aladren to change the not-killing-John part of his behavior. His reason also pointed out that he had more or less known this for months and had not felt the need to change his behavior until now. This made his knee-jerk reaction to the evidence unworthy of him (he was supposed to be too smart for knee-jerk reactions), morally wrong (it wasn’t exactly the same as assuming all persons born to unwed mothers were violent sociopaths, but it was still not a good thing to do without evidence that Jax was at all likely to harm him), and, well, pretty useless.

It was after he had acknowledged this that John had come to the hard part: what do to next.

One option that didn’t involve interacting with the Minders had occurred to him, and that was speaking with Barnaby. John could see why someone would consider their roommate being a werewolf an irreconcilable difference. However, if he was wrong – either, somehow, about Donovan, or about his new theory about why the fifth year had left his proper dormitory – then all Hell would break loose. Not only could Barnaby say or do something foolish, or provoke Jax into doing something foolish, Barnaby could also go tattle to their Head of House. This could lead to negative consequences for John. Unfortunately, so could the only other option he had thought of: just cornering Pye the Elder in his office and asking him point-blank to confirm or deny John’s conclusions. Overall, though, it seemed less likely to lead to the kind of consequences that went on John’s record (as those could provoke John into doing something foolish, like telling everyone he could persuade to listen why Pye the Elder had inflicted said consequences on him), and so was the course of action John finally decided was his best bet.

Before the professor’s office hours, John spent quite some time going over different approaches. How he approached it could, after all, make a world of difference in how Pye responded to him. Unfortunately, he could not see a way to approach the problem that didn’t open him up to charges of being ‘disrespectful.’ It all depended on the person he was speaking to, and John lacked the skills to know exactly what would appeal to Pye. Joanie had had to explain to him how to manipulate his own sister. Tailoring an approach to dealing with a teacher from scratch, with no help from Joanie, was not something John thought he was going to be able to do. The best he could do as he walked to the door and rapped on it was hope for the best, which was not a state of affairs he liked at all.

“May I have a word, Professor?” he asked.

In the office, he sat down, opened his mouth, stopped, pinched the bridge of his nose, realized he was doing that, lowered his hand, and tried to start again. He pinched the bridge of his nose again and rubbed his temple. He drummed his fingers on his own knee. Then, finally, he managed to begin speaking.

“I…don’tknow…how…to ask you this – nicely,” he admitted. “So I’ll just...ask and hope you - " act like what I think a grown-up ought to - "don't become angry with me. Is Mr. Donovan a werewolf?”

OOC: Since I am, apparently, going to hop all over fuzzytime with posts for the next bit, I'll note that this conversation is meant to occur in March.

    • I wouldn't expect any less from you.Professor Pye, Tue Jan 17 01:33
      It was a lucky thing that Selina had gone over what to do if a student discovered what Jax Donovan was. He might have gone outside regular when he'd found out Barnaby's involvement with Jax, however... more
      • Except last year, apparently.John, Tue Jan 17 08:06
        Pye’s response was a surprise. John’s eyebrows dropped and drew inward abruptly in annoyance, but he bit his tongue before he made an emotional reply. Snapping that it was not proper to answer a... more
        • Last year I was a bit...scattered...Professor Pye, Tue Jan 17 11:56
          As Alfie watched John pinch the bridge of his nose yet again, he felt bad. He had felt bad the first time--it was clear that John got a little...overwhelmed...with social interactions sometimes and... more
          • John had to bite his tongue again when Pye said he was surprised. He supposed Pye was surprised. He had been surprised to discover that he’d probably been ordered to allow a werewolf to move into his ... more
            • Now that that's settled...Professor Pye, Tue Jan 17 16:03
              Alfie blinked. Irrelevant data? Samples of organic material and the only thing keeping him from asking was that his siblings and friend would suggest it rude? John’s initial inquiry had been... more
              • On to even worse things?John, Tue Jan 17 17:54
                John was not surprised when Pye agreed with his siblings and Clark and, though Pye did not know it, Joanie that asking Jax to allow John to stick some syringes in him and yank some of his hair out by ... more
                • Darlings, you've got to let me know... [tag: Jax]Professory Pye, Wed Jan 18 21:07
                  Even though John didn't seem to be entirely too excited about sitting down with Jax to talk about things and seemed to be perfectly content living with the werewolf without any further discussion,... more
                  • Darling? Can I just not show?Jax Donovan, Thu Jan 19 15:42
                    Jax was a bit confused as to why he was being asked to see his Head of House that evening. He tried to recall if he missed one of the assignments while he had been ‘sick’ but he was fairly certain... more
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