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Except last year, apparently.
Tue Jan 17, 2017 08:06

Pye’s response was a surprise. John’s eyebrows dropped and drew inward abruptly in annoyance, but he bit his tongue before he made an emotional reply. Snapping that it was not proper to answer a question with a question or that it didn’t matter why he thought it and that Pye should just answer the question were both responses that were unlikely to get him what he wanted, which was confirmation of his research.

Instead, then, he pinched the bridge of his nose again while he cycled through responses, only to decide on something pretty close to the truth. He was not going to include Laila’s yummy werewolves, but other than that….

“I test above average in pattern recognition,” shrugged John. “I don’t always know what a pattern means, but I can usually see when one is there, even if I don’t know – how I know. And I ask questions all the time, in here.” He tapped his head. “And try to - fit what I observe into answers, to make the questions go away. Most of the time it's in the back of my head, they’re not relevant, but – my roommate disappearing a lot, that’s a relevant pattern, what’s he doing? Why? Is his behavior going to affect me? I noticed one night that he was gone and that it was the full moon at the same time, so I formed a hypothesis and gathered data on his behavior for the past few months to support it. Correlation isn't causation, but...” John paused, then decided he could. “I can show you my data if you like,” he added. “I made a chart.”

  • I wouldn't expect any less from you.Professor Pye, Tue Jan 17 01:33
    It was a lucky thing that Selina had gone over what to do if a student discovered what Jax Donovan was. He might have gone outside regular when he'd found out Barnaby's involvement with Jax, however... more
    • Except last year, apparently. — John, Tue Jan 17 08:06
      • Last year I was a bit...scattered...Professor Pye, Tue Jan 17 11:56
        As Alfie watched John pinch the bridge of his nose yet again, he felt bad. He had felt bad the first time--it was clear that John got a little...overwhelmed...with social interactions sometimes and... more
        • John had to bite his tongue again when Pye said he was surprised. He supposed Pye was surprised. He had been surprised to discover that he’d probably been ordered to allow a werewolf to move into his ... more
          • Now that that's settled...Professor Pye, Tue Jan 17 16:03
            Alfie blinked. Irrelevant data? Samples of organic material and the only thing keeping him from asking was that his siblings and friend would suggest it rude? John’s initial inquiry had been... more
            • On to even worse things?John, Tue Jan 17 17:54
              John was not surprised when Pye agreed with his siblings and Clark and, though Pye did not know it, Joanie that asking Jax to allow John to stick some syringes in him and yank some of his hair out by ... more
              • Darlings, you've got to let me know... [tag: Jax]Professory Pye, Wed Jan 18 21:07
                Even though John didn't seem to be entirely too excited about sitting down with Jax to talk about things and seemed to be perfectly content living with the werewolf without any further discussion,... more
                • Darling? Can I just not show?Jax Donovan, Thu Jan 19 15:42
                  Jax was a bit confused as to why he was being asked to see his Head of House that evening. He tried to recall if he missed one of the assignments while he had been ‘sick’ but he was fairly certain... more
                  • I'm not sure I even want to know.John Umland, Thu Jan 19 17:46
                    Pye was being annoying. As far as John was concerned, the issue was settled: John did not want to talk to Jax about the problem that didn’t exist, Pye insisted that they must talk to Jax about the... more
                    • I cannot blame youJax, Thu Jan 19 19:26
                      Jax hadn’t really directed his question at anyone in particular, but rather, just spoke it out into the open and hoped to receive a reply. He was a little hopeful that Professor Pye would just tell... more
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