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I don't think it was the best year for either of us.
Tue Jan 17, 2017 14:44

John had to bite his tongue again when Pye said he was surprised. He supposed Pye was surprised. He had been surprised to discover that he’d probably been ordered to allow a werewolf to move into his room without being told the most important word in that sentence up front. He thought his surprise had been a tad nastier than Pye’s, all things considered.

He did not say it. Reasonably, he understood why he had not been told up front, he supposed. If John spread it about that Jax was a werewolf, there would be trouble. Serious trouble. Unless everyone else already knew and John was just slow on the uptake; normally that would be a reasonable supposition, but John thought he knew enough about people to safely assume it was not the case right now. A lot of people would probably throw fits if they knew there was a werewolf among them. They were not throwing fits of a magnitude even he could observe, so therefore, most of them probably did not know his roommate was a werewolf.

He was not quite sure what to make of Pye’s response to his charts, but dismissed that in favor of a more immediate problem. “Irrelevant data,” said John when asked what his feelings might be if that were the case. “Emotions, I mean,” he added, realizing that Pye would not realize what he meant. “Since you ask, though….” John was tapping his fingers on his knee again, and his knee was bouncing up and down, but he didn’t quite notice. “I am annoyed,” he said. “Should have put it together ages ago – plus I think Joe and Julian and – Clark would all say it’s rude to ask your roommate for hair, blood, and tissue samples.” John tilted his head to one side, then shook it, dismissing a half-formed thought. “I assume he’s medicated and he has no reason to alter his behavior toward me and we don’t exchange bodily fluids, so while I did spend a while, um, praying wrong after I analyzed my data, I’m not…much worried, if that’s what you were actually asking,” he added. “And if any of this is…actually the case.

  • Last year I was a bit...scattered...Professor Pye, Tue Jan 17 11:56
    As Alfie watched John pinch the bridge of his nose yet again, he felt bad. He had felt bad the first time--it was clear that John got a little...overwhelmed...with social interactions sometimes and... more
    • I don't think it was the best year for either of us. — John, Tue Jan 17 14:44
      • Now that that's settled...Professor Pye, Tue Jan 17 16:03
        Alfie blinked. Irrelevant data? Samples of organic material and the only thing keeping him from asking was that his siblings and friend would suggest it rude? John’s initial inquiry had been... more
        • On to even worse things?John, Tue Jan 17 17:54
          John was not surprised when Pye agreed with his siblings and Clark and, though Pye did not know it, Joanie that asking Jax to allow John to stick some syringes in him and yank some of his hair out by ... more
          • Darlings, you've got to let me know... [tag: Jax]Professory Pye, Wed Jan 18 21:07
            Even though John didn't seem to be entirely too excited about sitting down with Jax to talk about things and seemed to be perfectly content living with the werewolf without any further discussion,... more
            • Darling? Can I just not show?Jax Donovan, Thu Jan 19 15:42
              Jax was a bit confused as to why he was being asked to see his Head of House that evening. He tried to recall if he missed one of the assignments while he had been ‘sick’ but he was fairly certain... more
              • I'm not sure I even want to know.John Umland, Thu Jan 19 17:46
                Pye was being annoying. As far as John was concerned, the issue was settled: John did not want to talk to Jax about the problem that didn’t exist, Pye insisted that they must talk to Jax about the... more
                • I cannot blame youJax, Thu Jan 19 19:26
                  Jax hadn’t really directed his question at anyone in particular, but rather, just spoke it out into the open and hoped to receive a reply. He was a little hopeful that Professor Pye would just tell... more
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