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Jax Donovan
Darling? Can I just not show?
Thu Jan 19, 2017 15:42

Jax was a bit confused as to why he was being asked to see his Head of House that evening. He tried to recall if he missed one of the assignments while he had been ‘sick’ but he was fairly certain that he had handed them all in and he had already made up the practical lesson that was missed. He was also sure that he had done the same for all his other lessons, so he couldn’t figure out what his presence would be needed for unless another professor complained about his many absences, but they all knew why…

However, when he entered the room and realized John was in there too, his heart sank. This wasn’t going to be a good meeting. Mentally, Jax thought about where he was going to be able to stay for the remainder of the year or if it would be best to owl his mother that Sonora was no longer a viable option for his education and that it was time to remove him to continue his schooling at home. His mother wouldn’t be happy and he knew that Gia would want to leave too, but maybe Sammy could convince his sister to stay. There was no point in ruining her life because of his burden any more than he already had.

His other option was possibly staying in the isolated room that the school created for people like him until he graduated. He wasn’t sure how Medic Eir would feel about the company, but if it meant making people feel safe than he was willing to put up with her as long as she was willing to put up with him (he really didn’t even understand why she went into her field because she seemed like the least caring woman he had ever come across…not that he would ever say that to her face since she scared him a bit).

He sat quietly as Professor Pye explained the situation to him, his blue eyes staring at his hands while he tried to keep his features blank despite the fear that was running through him. Barnaby hadn’t told because he wanted to hold it against him, but John was a mystery. There was a chance that he would want to tell the school because they had a right to know and Jax understood that and wouldn’t blame him for it. John owed him nothing while Jax did owe him.

His eyes flickered upward when Professor Pye and then to John when it was mentioned that John was not worried about him being a werewolf. What did that mean? But there was no elaboration, only the floor being opened for discussion. He sat in silence for a moment, processing the conversation and what exactly it meant to him. Looking between the two of them, a look of confusion on his face, he asked, “Should I pack my belongings?” John might not be worried, but that did not mean that he was still okay with sharing a room with him.

  • Darlings, you've got to let me know... [tag: Jax]Professory Pye, Wed Jan 18 21:07
    Even though John didn't seem to be entirely too excited about sitting down with Jax to talk about things and seemed to be perfectly content living with the werewolf without any further discussion,... more
    • Darling? Can I just not show? — Jax Donovan, Thu Jan 19 15:42
      • I'm not sure I even want to know.John Umland, Thu Jan 19 17:46
        Pye was being annoying. As far as John was concerned, the issue was settled: John did not want to talk to Jax about the problem that didn’t exist, Pye insisted that they must talk to Jax about the... more
        • I cannot blame youJax, Thu Jan 19 19:26
          Jax hadn’t really directed his question at anyone in particular, but rather, just spoke it out into the open and hoped to receive a reply. He was a little hopeful that Professor Pye would just tell... more
          • As soon as he stopped talking, John started feeling like a bad person. He could not entirely help how he spoke, but he could have made the rhythm even more irregular in the service of keeping the... more
            • Not to interrupt the progress, but...Professory Pye, Mon Jan 23 15:52
              Alfie felt a bit bad not responding right away when Jax looked to him first to confirm his status in staying at the school, but he had been a little bit thrown. Naturally, the fifth year felt it was... more
              • Recognizing subtle speech tones was not something John had any particular skill for, but even he could tell that Pye had not registered his light sarcasm. Fantastic. Just what this meeting needed,... more
                • Based on the reactions that he received from John and Professor Pye, Jax thought that his comment was misunderstood. He knew that John was letting him stay in the room now but anything could happen... more
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