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Fidget the elf owl
A message for Captain John Umland
Tue Feb 28, 2017 18:04

Isis did not have her own personal owl, so she had selected one of the available school owls from the owlery. Fidget the elf owl seemed the most friendly, and so she sent him off to Aladren commons. Fidget flew with gusto, puffing out his feathered chest proudly as he bolted out passed the bigger owls. Not a lot of people picked the happy little guy, so he was very glad to be selected for this delivery of the utmost importance, toting his envelope all the way to Aladren and dropping it off on the desk of one Mr. John Umland. It read as such:

Captain John Umland,

Congratulations on your promotion to Quidditch Captain, although Iím certain it comes as no surprise after your reign as Assistant Captain. This year, as you probably already know, you will be responsible for posting sign-ups, running tryouts, reserving the Pitch, and scheduling and facilitating team practices. You will also have to select an Assistant Captain. My recommendation is Louis Valois.

If you would rather have a different assistant or feel you cannot carry out these duties, please owl me so that we may discuss your reasoning and figure out other options for the teamís future. Otherwise, feel free to inform Louis yourself. Congratulations once again, and good luck this season.

Isis Carter.

    • Delegation, I like it.John Umland, Mon Mar 20 14:14
      The assistant captain issue was one John would have rather not dealt with, and it occurred to him later that the wording of Carterís e-mail could have been a tacit request for him to step down... more
      • Can I delegate my problems to someone?Louis Valois, Tue Mar 21 11:05
        By the time the feast ended and Louis was able to make his way to the Aladren common room, he didnít want much more than to collapse into bed and try and fall asleep. The prefect problem was... more
        • As long as it ain't me.John Umland, Fri Mar 24 16:31
          For a moment, Louisí very valid point Ė that passing over Jack could lead to deep division on the team Ė struck a chord even though the apathy which had settled over John when heíd realized there... more
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