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Professor Pye
HoH Speech cont.
Sun Mar 19, 2017 20:30

As Alfie took the new students from Cascade Hall to the library, he pointed out some of the little things which could help them orient themselves along the way. He knew that Nathan, Isis' boyfriend, had helped them with a tour of the school earlier, but he wanted to be safe. Alfie didn't want a lost first year to be blamed on him, he wanted to get through that year as quietly and easily as possible. He did't want there to be anything anyone could hold against him if things were going to go the way they were looking. When they arrived at the library Alfie weaved his way through the stacks until he came to a back wall and stopped in front of a bookcase. In a hushed tone so that students from other houses who hadn’t gone straight to their common rooms couldn’t over hear. “To get into the common room you’ll have to find a particular book on a particular shelf, and this information is highly confidential—you are not to share it with anyone else outside of this house. The location of each house is to remain secret from members of other houses.”

Back at Hogwarts it had been pretty easy to deduce where the various rooms were despite the large size of the castle and on a few occasions students would sneak their friends into their house for a Quidditch after party. Sonora was a great deal smaller in size than Hogwarts so it stood to reason that most students would probably be able to figure out where their classmates lived, but the smaller size also meant that it would be more noticeable if one were to sneak someone from a different house in. It was a small population size and most students—the ones who were any sort of intelligent anyway, would know all the first names of their classmates by the end of the second week at the latest and the names of the rest of their schoolmates by the end of the year.

He reached out and pulled on the birds of prey book that was the lever which revealed a hidden door, making sure all the students could see which book it was. He stepped back, allowing the first years and the prefects to enter first, closing rank behind them to make sure no one had been left behind in the migration to their new home. “At Sonora we have a tradition of naming prefects in the upper years. Prefects are around to answer questions and help the younger students adjust. This year, your prefects are Louis Valois, John Spencer, and John Umland who is also our Quidditch captain. Aladren has a fantastic team and is looking for players so I encourage those of you who are interested in the sport to sign up.

“You may do so here,” he gestured towards the notice boards. “Mr. Umland should be posting the sign-up list rather soon and any questions regarding Quidditch can be asked to him or Coach Grase who will be teaching your first flying lesson tomorrow afternoon. Also on the notice board you should be able to find announcements regarding clubs and other events so if you have an idea of something that might interest you it might be a good idea to pay attention to this.

“All students must be back in our common room by ten pm. Though you are allowed to stay up later than that if you are in House, I would recommend taking an early night’s sleep so you can function properly at school the next day. As for dormitories, the boys’ staircase is to this side, the girls’ to that,” he gestured in the direction of the staircases. “No gender mixing is allowed, so please do not try to go up the opposite sex’s staircase as there will be consequences—I’ve been told that they are enchanted.” He figured phrasing it as loosely as possible was the best way to go because then the students could come up with their own idea of what would happen. If anyone did decide to be daring then they would likely end up being sent back to the corridor with a nasty bump.

“If there are any questions now would be a good time to ask them, otherwise you can mingle, talk to your prefects or find me in my office which is just down the hall that way. Welcome to Aladren House!”

OOC: Welcome to Aladren! You are now allowed to post at any board. You may also continue your threads at the feast, due to something we call “fuzzy-time” —this is where you are posting in two or more threads at the same time but they are taking place at different times from your character’s perspective, therefore s/he is not in two places at once. If your character has any questions you can reply here, otherwise feel free to settle in, meet your roommates but most importantly have fun!

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