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John Umland
Delegation, I like it.
Mon Mar 20, 2017 14:14

The assistant captain issue was one John would have rather not dealt with, and it occurred to him later that the wording of Carter’s e-mail could have been a tacit request for him to step down because of the incident with the headmaster and promote both Jack and Louis. Interesting wording, if you feel you cannot carry out these duties. If he hadn’t felt up to it, after all, the correct course of action would have been for him to mention that last year.

Since he had already posted the list, though, he decided to do some delegating and make his problem the younger student’s problem. As soon as he got a chance, he approached Louis.

“Hey, Louis,” said John. Mom would have wanted him to try to speak French to Louis, but John imagined his grammar would be so mangled as to render him incomprehensible even if he could find the necessary vocabulary in a timely manner. His reading French had never extended beyond maybe a second grade level and had decayed from its peak, and he was someone who was not considered good at composing novel sentiments in even his first language. “Carter’s put you up for Assistant Captain.”

He did not know whether to mention the possibility of Jack taking offense outright and so omitted it, just making sure to mention Carter to distance himself from the mess. He smiled and managed to joke, “I guess she thought it would be too complicated to have Jack and John. Anyway, it’s yours if you want it. I have no objection.”

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    • Delegation, I like it. — John Umland, Mon Mar 20 14:14
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        • As long as it ain't me.John Umland, Fri Mar 24 16:31
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