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Louis Valois
Can I delegate my problems to someone?
Tue Mar 21, 2017 11:05 (XFF:,

By the time the feast ended and Louis was able to make his way to the Aladren common room, he didn’t want much more than to collapse into bed and try and fall asleep. The prefect problem was something he was really hoping to avoid thinking about anymore today. He wasn’t sure how to handle it, and his brain was trying to claim that tomorrow would be a much better day to think about or. Or the day after that. Or even the day after that. Or maybe he should run away and become a hermit.

He’d just made it into the common room (only a flight of stairs to go) when he found himself talking - or, rather, being talked to - by John. That wasn’t exactly part of the plan, but John wasn’t known for unnecessarily long conversations about trivial matters, so Louis shrugged to himself and tuned in. And wait, what did John just say?

Louis stared uncomprehendingly at John for a second, and then continued staring a moment longer as his brain caught up with the situation at hand. Did he mind being given AQC over Jack? Well, it wasn’t exactly the same as the prefect situation, although Louis still wasn’t sure if anyone completely impartial would say it was entirely fair. He wondered why Carter had chosen him. He wasn’t aware that they’d bonded in any way, so it made no sense for her to choose him over Jack.

“Okay, thanks,” he replied, still mildly confused but willing to go with it. After all, John had stated that he had no objections, which Louis was going to take as a compliment. “Are you sure Jack won’t mind? I don’t want to cause deep division on the team, or anything of the sort.” He vaguely waved his hands about to indicate the drama potential this had. Merlin, he needed this day to stop dumping things like this on him. He didn’t mind being given responsibilities, but why did they always have to come at the expense of someone else?

  • Delegation, I like it.John Umland, Mon Mar 20 14:14
    The assistant captain issue was one John would have rather not dealt with, and it occurred to him later that the wording of Carter’s e-mail could have been a tacit request for him to step down... more
    • Can I delegate my problems to someone? — Louis Valois, Tue Mar 21 11:05
      • As long as it ain't me.John Umland, Fri Mar 24 16:31
        For a moment, Louis’ very valid point – that passing over Jack could lead to deep division on the team – struck a chord even though the apathy which had settled over John when he’d realized there... more
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