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Zevalyn Ives
[Third Year Girl's Room] I'm new
Thu Mar 23, 2017 08:31

Zevalyn did have a question. She had put in a request to room with others her own age but had not gotten an answer back from Mr. Quincy before she left, so she had no idea which room she was supposed to be in.

She considered raising her hand to ask Professor Pye, but that felt like a question others might use to judge her and decided she could figure it out herself. The guy who ran orientation had said the elves would deliver her things to her room, so the logical conclusion was that her room was the one her things were in. As she had a large bright orange suitcase, she didn't think it would be too hard to find where she belonged by sticking her head into each room until she spotted it.

After the Head of House's speech, she headed right up the girl's staircase to settle the matter quickly, and ideally before the other first year girls were present to wonder why she was there if her stuff wasn't. She started with the first year dorm, as this was the year group she was officially affiliated with right now and more likely to be unoccupied. A quick glance around showed no brilliant orange suitcases. Awesome. It was looking promising that her request had been granted.

She skipped the second year dorm for now and went to third year as the next most likely. Score. There it was big and orange and unmistakable. She entered the room fully and made her way over to her suitcase and smiled at her new roommates.

"Hi, I'm Zevalyn," she introduced herself. "I'm new." This was probably self evident as none of the other girls here had turned blue earlier and could therefore be assumed to know she hadn't been around last year, but she wasn't entirely sure what else she should say to explain her presence in their room.

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