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John Umland
As long as it ain't me.
Fri Mar 24, 2017 16:31

For a moment, Louis’ very valid point – that passing over Jack could lead to deep division on the team – struck a chord even though the apathy which had settled over John when he’d realized there might be a problem. Once upon a time, he’d been prepared to walk away from the team, leaving it high and dry, if Clark had been passed over, and he suspected that everyone knowing this was a possibility was no small part of why he and Clark had not both been passed over for Jack. He shrugged, now a little uncomfortably.

“I have no idea,” he said honestly. The Assistant Captain’s job was to cover the captain’s back and deal with stuff the captain didn’t have the time or inclination to deal with when possible. Louis could prove if he was up for the job right now. “I haven’t had a chance to catch up with anyone much yet except the Headmaster’s collection of torture implements. I don’t know. Guess you’ll have to ask him if you want to know.”

He knew he was being neither kind nor fair to Louis, who was younger than Jack, was being shoved into an awkward spot without warning, and was being asked to take on two difficult jobs at once when John had never seen him as the sturdy type. He reminded John of Julian’s friend Charles sometimes, a little bit. “For all I know, Jack told Carter he didn’t want the job, and it’s all good,” he said, trying to be a bit nicer. It, whatever ‘it’ was, wasn’t Louis’ fault, and John was a prefect. That meant he had a duty to be kind and fair to the younger Aladrens and try, as far as he knew how, to make them feel better about things, and God knew the first part of his evening had demonstrated why it was not good to neglect one’s duties for one’s preferences.

  • Can I delegate my problems to someone?Louis Valois, Tue Mar 21 11:05
    By the time the feast ended and Louis was able to make his way to the Aladren common room, he didn’t want much more than to collapse into bed and try and fall asleep. The prefect problem was... more
    • As long as it ain't me. — John Umland, Fri Mar 24 16:31
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