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Jack Spencer
Rolling up my sleeves. [tag John]
Sat Mar 25, 2017 13:23

Since Jack had started struggling with panic attacks over the summer, he had wondered whether or not joining the Quidditch team would be in his best interest, and their best interest. He wasn't certain when the attacks would begin, but he had decided he loved the sport too much. It would be torture not being able to play and watching everyone else do what he loved.

He'd been waiting patiently for the role of Assistant Captain after becoming Prefect. As it had been for many, many years, traditionally it would go to the next oldest Quidditch player. If there was a tie, then it was up to the captain to decide. As Jack didn't have any competition in his year, he was looking forward to his appointment.

However, the signup sheet was up before John had talked to him about anything, and he soon realised that he had been passed over for Louis. Not only was it completely unfair, but he didn't understand what John had against him. He felt himself go red as his blood boiled at the unfairness of it all. Jack took a few deep breaths in front of the noticeboard, trying to calm himself down. He'd never gotten so angry before so quickly, but he tried to reason with himself. John must've made a mistake, or if there was a problem between them - one that Jack did not know of - then he wanted to amend it fast.

Jack lingered in the common room until he saw his house-mate. He stood up quickly and called out his name to stop him. "Hey John, I had a question," he said, his heart pounding. "Did you purposely choose Louis over me for Assistant Captain?" He felt like his head was swimming in the face of this confrontation with someone he respected. He just needed to know: "Why?"

  • Quidditch Sign-Ups!Captain John Umland, Mon Mar 20 12:56
    He had not technically done anything wrong (as he was of age, he was perfectly within his rights to leave his house whenever he wished, and when Joe had tried to hit him, he had been standing in... more
    • Better late than never!Louis Valois, Fri Apr 7 13:45
      For Louis, Quidditch was one of the few uncomplicated parts of his life. It was a release from worries and cares, a stress-free game where nothing else mattered, at least whilst he was in the air.... more
    • Claiming a spotKit Reid, Mon Apr 3 19:32
      Last year Kit had signed up for Quidditch even though her parents would never approve. This year would be no exception. She planned on signing up again and not telling her parents. She hated lying to ... more
    • Rolling up my sleeves. [tag John] — Jack Spencer, Sat Mar 25 13:23
      • Spending a certain amount of time in the common room when it was occupied by other people was one of the things, like eating and sleeping, which John regarded as regrettable but necessary. He was... more
        • I'm open to discussion.Jack, Mon Mar 27 12:12
          John, like a true Aladren, was brilliant in not beating around the bush or treating Jack like some sort of subordinate. There was a reason why he liked him, and, as John told him what had happened,... more
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