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John Umland
Can we resolve this short of throwing down the gauntlet?
Sat Mar 25, 2017 13:56

Spending a certain amount of time in the common room when it was occupied by other people was one of the things, like eating and sleeping, which John regarded as regrettable but necessary. He was prefect, Quidditch captain, and head of the Book Club, which meant there were lots of Aladrens who might wish to ask for his help, and being Good meant making himself available for them to do so. They did not often do so, but that did not diminish his obligation.

Because of this, he entered the common room and was looking for a chair to do some class reading (something he could do without his full attention, so he didn’t fail to acknowledge anyone who did approach him because he failed to notice that anyone had done so. This was a real possibility if he was reading intently) in when Jack suddenly called his name.

Not good.

John was not so good at figuring out what other people were thinking, but while Jack did not appear prepared to hit him right this second, John was pretty sure he was upset and trying to be reasonable on purpose. John decided getting straight to the point was probably the best way to avoid ending up dealing with adults again. “I didn’t pick at all,” he said. “Carter recommended Louis. I - assumed you must have told her you didn’t want it last year or something, since it, uh, it usually doesn’t skip years. I'm guessing now that she...must have made a clerical error instead?” He hesitated. “Louis seemed willing to step aside if you do want the job,” he said. “And if he’s not – my job’s just to protect…the Seeker.” Presumably Amelia now. He didn’t dislike Amelia Layne, but she wasn’t Clark, and she did seem a bit skittish with him sometimes, though he didn’t know why – he hadn’t knocked her around any more than he had Clark, and Clark didn’t seem to mind. In any case, though, he could not say he was relishing the thought of trading Clark for a second year. “You’d be a better captain for the Chasers than I am anyway. We could split it this year and you take over next year, if Carter’s amenable.”

He had not thought of this clever plan before he started outlining it, but he had to admit he was not entirely displeased with it. He wasn't prepared to hand over all power unless he had to, but sharing the load would resolve the issue without putting anyone's back up and would make John's life easier. He would not, he decided, mind at all if Jack took him up on this offer. Maybe they could even split the speeches....

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    Since Jack had started struggling with panic attacks over the summer, he had wondered whether or not joining the Quidditch team would be in his best interest, and their best interest. He wasn't... more
    • Can we resolve this short of throwing down the gauntlet? — John Umland, Sat Mar 25 13:56
      • I'm open to discussion.Jack, Mon Mar 27 12:12
        John, like a true Aladren, was brilliant in not beating around the bush or treating Jack like some sort of subordinate. There was a reason why he liked him, and, as John told him what had happened,... more
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