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I'm open to discussion.
Mon Mar 27, 2017 12:12

John, like a true Aladren, was brilliant in not beating around the bush or treating Jack like some sort of subordinate. There was a reason why he liked him, and, as John told him what had happened, he didn't think he'd make a bad captain at all. In fact, Jack was very much looking forward to this year's team.

So Carter was the one who had decided to pass him over. Jack's anger directed away from John, but he was confused. Why would Carter do something like that? He didn't have anything against her - in fact, he hardly spoke to her - which didn't give her much of a reason to have something against him. Then again, she was relatively new to this coaching position, but she was still a professor. Professors weren't supposed to make mistakes like these.

"Oh," said Jack with nothing better to say when John began laying out a possible solution. It was clearly too late to rescind the AC position from Louis, and Jack didn't want to push the younger year out simply because of a professor's mistake. But the only other option seemed to be bumping Jack up to co-captain. That didn't sound too bad to him at all. In fact, it sounded like a brilliant turn of events, though Jack did wonder if John would've approached him first if he hadn't initiated.

He wanted to give his team-mate the benefit of the doubt, so Jack just smiled, anger dissipated. He'd deal with his feelings toward Carter later. "If you're really offering," said Jack slowly, "I would be glad to accept. But what sort of title would that be, then? Is that even allowed without Carter's approval?"

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    • I'm open to discussion. — Jack, Mon Mar 27 12:12
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