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Louis Valois
Doing the right thing [tag: Professor Pye]
Mon Mar 27, 2017 13:08 (XFF:,

Louis hesitated before knocking. He’d spent a sleepless night wondering what exactly he should do, and finally he’d reached a conclusion. It didn’t mean he was happy about it, though. Despite the problems that had come with being given the prefect position, Louis couldn’t deny that he’d been both proud and excited to receive it. It was nice to be recognized as an upstanding and reliable member of Aladren house (even if a little voice in his head liked to suggest that his surname had a role to play in his appointment), and the idea of being both a role model and a support to the younger students was something that he actually quite liked. However, Louis also prided himself on being fair, and if he was going to support equality then he had to start with his own actions.

Luckily, Professor Pye was in his office. Louis wanted to get this over and done with quickly. Once he was invited in, and sitting down, he got to his point straight away.
“Professor, I wasn’t expecting to get the role of prefect,” he began. “It’s not that I don’t want it – and I’m flattered that I was chosen – but I can’t help thinking that there must have been some sort of mistake. Surely Emilia-Louise should be the Aladren prefect? She’s more involved with things at Sonora than I am, and is always helping people.”

There. He’d said it, and now his conscience (and hopefully his friendship) could rest easy. He’d admitted that he didn’t think he was the best choice, and whilst part of him wanted to defend his claim to the position, he knew that the right thing to do was to give Professor Pye a chance to backtrack. Besides, he knew how much Emmy valued the position, which meant that he couldn’t in good conscience take up the role if a mistake really had been made.

OOC: This is the character questioning the IC decision, not me as an author questioning anything.

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