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Professor Rory Taransay
Head of House Speech
Sat Aug 26, 2017 07:47

Rory was, he had to admit, a little nervous as he called for the Aladren first years to follow him, and led them to the Aladren common room. He’d become fairly used to teaching the students, but being a Head of House was a whole other kettle of fish, and these new students looked particularly small. He was sure he’d been bigger at their age. Still, he knew he could rely on Isis, Nathan, Selina and the other professors if he had any problems. He was hoping, however, that being in charge of the Aladrens meant he’d have fewer problems than, say, if he’d been in charge of the Pecaris. Aladrens were meant to be studious, right?

He walked slowly to the library, making sure the new students had time to orient themselves and, hopefully, remember the way. Leading them through the shelves, he stopped by the relevant bookshelf. He stopped, and pointed out the birds of prey book to the first years. “To access the Aladren common room, you have to find this book,” he told them quietly, his Scottish accent still strong despite a few years in America. “Pull it like a lever, and the door will appear. Now, this information must stay secret – do not reveal it to students from other houses.”

Truth be told, Rory found the whole secrecy thing a little over the top for school kids, but that was the way it had always been done, both at Sonora and at Hogwarts, where he had studied.

He let the students enter the common room before him, followed them in, and resumed his little speech.

“So, I’m Professor Taransay, your Head of House, and also the Care of Magical Creatures professor. I’m your first port of call for any problems, anything at all. Please don’t hesitate to come to me if you have a problem about anything, and I promise we’ll find a solution.” He smiled comfortingly at them. Hopefully they wouldn’t have any problems, but Rory would do his best to help if needed.

“We also have prefects for each house. Ours are John Spencer, Louis Valois, and Nevaeh Reed. John Spencer is also our Quidditch captain, and he’ll be putting sign-up sheets on the noticeboard soon.” Rory gestured towards the noticeboard, with all its information. “If you’re at all interested in sport, do go for it – we’re always in need of more players! And if you don’t know how to fly, you’ll be having flying lessons in the next few days, so it’s still worth signing up. We also have other clubs, such as duelling club, orchestra, and fashion club – a whole range of things to try.”

Rory was always impressed by the wide range of activities Sonora had, despite being such a small school. It was always good to get involved in school life, and he hoped all the new students would take full advantage of the opportunities they had.

“And now, rules: All students have to be in their common room by 10pm. It’s up to you to decide when to go to bed, although do make sure you have enough sleep for a day of classes. The boys’ dormitory is up this staircase.” He gestured to the appropriate side of the common room as he said this, not needing to point out the girls side. “You are not allowed in anyone’s dormitory but your own – the staircases are enchanted to make sure of that! My office is just off the common room, easy to find – you’re always welcome to pop in for a chat.”

Running through his mental list of Things To Say, Rory was fairly confident he’d mentioned everything. “I think that’s all for now, so have you got any questions? If not, you’re free to do what you want – unpack, talk to your classmates, anything.”

OOC: Welcome to Sonora! Your character can now be posted on any board (except other common rooms), so go to classes, join clubs and Quidditch, or just start conversations. You can also continue your conversations at the feast and at orientation – you can continue old threads whilst starting new ones, so long as they would not happen at the same time. If you have any questions, just ask in the chatzy. Good luck, and have fun!

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