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Jack Spencer
Finally receiving my due. [tag Louis]
Tue Aug 29, 2017 01:15

It was his seventh year. Jack wasn't Head Boy, having lost to that good-for-nothing Owen Brockert - not that it was all that surprising, really - but he was confident he was going to do well enough to get a job in the Ministry just like his older brother. He'd start off there, maybe head to university in a bit and fulfill his dream of becoming a professor. He still hadn't chosen a subject, but his best marks were in Transfiguration and DADA, so maybe either one of those. He was most surprised that Sammy had become Head Girl - she must've been more popular than he'd realised.

As he walked to his common room after the Welcoming Feast, he couldn't stop thinking about the Quidditch team. Now that John was gone, who were they going to choose to replace him? Both he and Louis had been Assistant Captain last year, and despite their age difference it seemed that ability was clearly examined in choosing the most competent future captain, not seniority. Jack could respect that, but he still could not imagine being passed over as the next captain. It made his stomach churn.

When Jack returned to his room after the Welcoming Feast, he was thrilled and relieved to find a letter waiting for him. He scanned it quickly and immediately pounded down the stairs to find his friend.

"Louis!" he called, any animosity or rivalry forgotten. When he got his attention, Jack smiled widely at him. "Professor Taransay's written me recommending you as my AC, and I think you'll be brilliant for it. Will you do it?"

  • An Important Owl for John SpencerProfessor Taransay, Mon Aug 28 11:53
    Rory Taransay was the new Head of House for Aladren. The Quidditch coach was on leave. John Umland had graduated from Sonora last year. These facts, when combined together, meant that Roryís next... more
    • Finally receiving my due. [tag Louis] — Jack Spencer, Tue Aug 29 01:15
      • Here come the champions!Louis Valois, Tue Aug 29 12:03
        Louis had been surprised when Jack hadnít been nominated Head Boy. He himself had voted for his fellow Aladren, Quidditch teammate, and friend. Jack was bright, friendly, and had proven himself... more
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