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Capt. Jack Spencer
Quidditch Signups!
Tue Aug 29, 2017 02:10

The three things Jack had wanted to achieve upon entering Sonora were these: receiving higher marks than his siblings, becoming Head Boy and becoming the Quidditch Captain. In his seventh year, he'd officially achieved two out of three. It wasn't perfect, but not bad either seeing as two were achieved through hard work and the third from sheer luck and one's social status.

Since last year he'd dreamed of what he'd do as captain, watching Umland's every move and observing practises and changes he'd make during try-outs and the like. He was looking forward to organising practises and scheduling his timetable around his Prefect duties whilst studying for his RATS. It was going to be a very full and very busy year, but he was very much looking forward to it.

Jack swelled with pride as he posted the signup sheet on the noticeboard.

Join the Aladren Quidditch Team and let's reclaim our title as the longest running Quidditch champions at Sonora. All are welcome to try out. Below, write your name, year and desired position. Let's make Aladren proud together!

He didn't know if the title was actually true, but a little embellishment never hurt anyone. In the space below, Jack set the example with a flourish and then sauntered off to breakfast to begin his first official day of classes.

Captain Jack Spencer, 7th, Chaser

    • Three!Amelia Layne, Tue Sep 12 16:52
      Last year had not, all things considered, been the most glorious for the Aladren Quidditch team. Not the worst but considering that Amelia had not touched the Snitch, that was only because they... more
    • Two!Louis Valois, Wed Sep 6 11:51
      Straight after his conversation with Jack, Louis went to sign up for Quidditch. As Assistant Captain, he figured he ought to put his name down as soon as possible, hoping that others would be... more
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