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Louis Valois
Here come the champions!
Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:03

Louis had been surprised when Jack hadn’t been nominated Head Boy. He himself had voted for his fellow Aladren, Quidditch teammate, and friend. Jack was bright, friendly, and had proven himself through Quidditch. Owen was…well, Louis didn’t actually know the other boy that well, so he supposed he couldn’t really judge. Still, Jack was his friend, so he maintained that Jack should have become Head Boy.

Louis hadn’t been surprised when an excited Jack burst in, obviously having just been nominated Quidditch Captain. After the confusion that had led to a rather unorthodox situation last year, he supposed it hadn’t exactly been clear cut as to which of them would be captain. Still, Jack was older, just as capable as Louis (if not more), and Louis hated the idea of one of his friends being passed over in favour of himself. Besides, he had next year.

Frowning, he gave the impression of hesitating. “I was actually thinking of quitting Quidditch…” he started, before giving up the lie and laughing loudly. “Of course I’ll do it! This is going to be the year we get that cup back, I just know it!”

The thought of helping Jack run the Quidditch team gave Louis new enthusiasm for the year ahead. Last year’s pick-up games had been fun, but that was nothing compared to the thrill of playing for the title of Quidditch Champions! Now they just had to get together a team…

  • Finally receiving my due. [tag Louis]Jack Spencer, Tue Aug 29 01:15
    It was his seventh year. Jack wasn't Head Boy, having lost to that good-for-nothing Owen Brockert - not that it was all that surprising, really - but he was confident he was going to do well enough... more
    • Here come the champions! — Louis Valois, Tue Aug 29 12:03
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