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Louis Valois
Wed Sep 6, 2017 11:51

Straight after his conversation with Jack, Louis went to sign up for Quidditch. As Assistant Captain, he figured he ought to put his name down as soon as possible, hoping that others would be encouraged by seeing multiple names. As seemed to be normal now, getting a team together would be a struggle. Back when Louis had started Sonora, Aladren had always managed to rustle up seven players, but Quidditch was less popular now, and all the teams needed new recruits.

Louis only had two years of Quidditch left and, as much as hed enjoyed the pick-up games, hed quite like to have two years of a proper Championship. He made a mental note to go around the common room at some point that evening, trying to encourage people to add their names to the sheet. Flying lessons for the first years would hopefully convince them to sign up, but it never hurt to point out that the opportunity was already there, and older students could potentially be persuaded too.

Still, it was with optimism that Louis signed his name up on the sheet:

Assistant Captain Louis Valois, 6th Year, Chaser/Beater/anything

As ever, Louis was happy to play wherever to ensure they had a team. He still had a fondness for his original position of chaser, but hed come to really enjoy beating too. Ultimately, Jack could stick him anywhere (except in the spectator stands!), and he was sure hed adapt and have fun.

OOC: Feel free to assume Louis badgered your character into signing up, if it helps, or tag him in a conversation!

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