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Amelia Layne
Tue Sep 12, 2017 16:52

Last year had not, all things considered, been the most glorious for the Aladren Quidditch team. Not the worst – but considering that Amelia had not touched the Snitch, that was only because they hadn’t been able to form a full team, their captain had…sort of been an argument against the idea that precedence should automatically go with age – Amelia had found John fascinating and a bit frightening, one of those Emily Bronte sort of people, only not because a guy and one whose life had apparently gotten all kinds of dramatic last year with rumors about Sammy Meeks and some kind of Epic Drama with his brother (Amelia wished to embroider the story yet further and insert Sammy somehow into that, but that would be asking too much of fate and probably of Joe and Sammy as well) – and the order of who would follow him had been pretty unclear all year. Amelia was frankly not confident there would even be a captain to post the list, as it was also asking too much of fate to have the school formally decide to have Jack and Louis decide it in the arena.

Someone, however, must have found a more orderly system, because Louis was still Assistant Captain and Jack was captain-captain and the list did not indicate that either had killed the other to make this work out. Hard for dead people to lead teams, after all.

The practical, realistic bits of Amelia’s brain, the ones which pointed out things like how it was inefficient for teams with an existing shortage of players to encourage the remaining ones to kill each other in tournaments, knew that letting her have her position back would not be the smartest option for Jack and Louis. However, the same bits also reminded her that they, well, might not have much of a choice in the matter. The first year class was tiny, and Aladren not the most represented House in it. This allowed her to sign up again as Amelia Layne, third, Seeker once again without too much anxiety or too many second thoughts as she went on about another of her drama-less but not entirely unsatisfying days.

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