Professor Rory Taransay
Head of House Speech
Wed Feb 7, 2018 12:05

Another year back at Sonora. Rory had been here for a few years now and, whilst the similarity of each day could get a bit monotonous, he was also enjoying the fact that he felt properly settled in here. It was nice to have a steady job, to get to know his fellow staff members, and to see his students grow older and improve in their understanding and enthusiasm for Care of Magical Creatures. His holiday adventures (travelling around the world to study a variety of creatures) also meant that he didn’t feel stuck in a rut at Sonora. As much as he found himself enjoying teaching, he loved having the opportunities to get out into the field again.

This was his second year as Head as House. Last year had passed relatively easily, so a lot of his worries from last year were gone. Sure, there would always be the small problems, but he felt he could deal with them now, and knew he had the other teachers for support if anything bigger arose.

Once he’d gathered his new Aladrens, Rory led them to the library, stopping by a bookcase. “This is the entrance to the Aladren common rooms,” he announced, indicating to a birds of prey book. “If you pull it like a lever, a door to the common room will appear.” He demonstrated this, and then waited until the students had all flocked in before starting his little speech.

“Welcome to Aladren,” he said, his Scottish accent, as ever, coming through. “I’m Professor Taransay, your head of house and also the Care of Magical Creatures professor. If you have any problems, questions, or just want a chat, don’t hesitate to come to me, and I’ll help you in any way I can.

“Our house prefects are Louis Valois, Nevaeh Reed, and Zevalyn Ives. Louis Valois is also the Aladren Quidditch captain – see the signup sheet on the noticeboard in this room if you’re interested in signing up. The noticeboard also has information about the clubs we have here.

“The boys’ dormitories are to the left, and the girls’ dormitories are to the right. You must be in the common room – or in your dormitory – by 10pm. My office is just off the common room, and you’re welcome to come see me whenever you want.

“I think that’s all, so does anyone have any questions? If not, feel free to talk to your new housemates, unpack, sleep – whatever you want to.”

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