Louis Valois
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Wed Feb 7, 2018 12:26

Finally, Louis was Quidditch captain. It had been sad to see other teammates leave each year, but at least he now had the excitement of getting the chance to lead the Aladren team. If there was a team, that was. Getting a team together had been tricky of late, but Louis was determined to get the full number of players together this year. He was going out with a bang, even if he had to persuade, beg and trick people into joining the team. Well, perhaps not trick – he only wanted willing players – but he was nevertheless determined.

It was also personal this year, for three reasons. Firstly, Fabian Brockert had been made Head Boy over him. Now, Louis wasn’t planning to be sore about this. He was old enough to realise that being Head Boy wasn’t everything, and he wasn’t going to hold it against Fabian. Still, it made him more determined to do a good job as Quidditch Captain, to prove that he could do well in a position of authority.

Secondly, Ingrid was the Pecari Captain. They had an interesting relationship, hard to define but one that was definitely competitive. Whatever happened between them this year, there was no way he was going to lose the Quidditch championship to her.

The third reason was very simple: it was his last year at Sonora. Being part of the Quidditch team had been a highlight of his time at the school, and he wanted to end that career triumphantly.

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Beneath this he had written his own details, putting his usual beater/chaser combination so as not to deter anyone. To be quite honest, he would play any position required. The key thing was to get a team together.

Captain Louis Valois, 7th year, Beater/Chaser

OOC: Please sign up! It would be great to field a full team this year, so support your house! 😊

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