Louis Valois
A proposition [tag Amelia Layne]
Wed Feb 7, 2018 12:39

Upon receiving his Quidditch captain letter, Louis had realised that choosing his assistant captain would be of vital importance. This was the person who would continue the Aladren team after him. Not to be dramatic, but the future glory of Aladren Quidditch would rest in their hands. Ok, maybe he was being a little dramatic, but Quidditch was an important thing. He’d joined the team back in his first year, and had, over the years, played under some great captains. There was a legacy to uphold.

Professor Taransay had suggested either Amelia Layne or Kit Reid, but the difficult thing had been to narrow down the selection to just one person. Both would be around for a few years, which was actually a good thing – continuity could only help the Aladren team, which was in a sorry state these days. Louis hoped to avoid a combination team this year, although such an outcome would be better than not playing at all.

After a long, hard think (well, five minutes), he eventually made his decision. Amelia had, recently, been the more involved player, and that was important for a captain. Plus she was talented and enthusiastic. Knowing there had until recently been an anti-feminist Quidditch trend in the USA (something that definitely didn’t exist in his native France), he also was glad to be giving the title of assistant captain to a girl.

Once he got back to the common room after the feast, he loitered for a bit until spotting Amelia, at which point he made a beeline for her.

“Amelia!” he called out to catch her attention. “Would you do me the honour of being my assistant captain this year?” He smiled hopefully at her, vaguely realising that she could say no – although why would she want to? Surely captaincy was the aim of all Quidditch players!

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