Heinrich Hexenmeister
Herr Xavier mentioned Academic Support? (Rory)
Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:25

Heinrich followed his new Head of House to the library, and was pretty pleased by the location of his new home. He expected he'd be visiting the library a lot, at least early on, as reading English was still a lot easier for him than listening to English.

The man's speech was hard to follow. He had an accent different from those Heinrich had heard before, and he lacked the slight halting quality Masha had that made her strangely easier to understand despite her accent. Plus there were, he thought, some names in there again, which did nothing for making it easier to pick out what were names and what were just English words he didn't know.

He caught enough that he knew where his room was, so that was good, but he did have a question, and he raised his hand when the teacher finished talking. "I spreak Englisch as a second language. Herr Xavier say something about language help? How sign up I for that?" he asked when he was called upon. The Orientation speaker had not been very clear about that part, or if he had been, Heinrich had gotten lost int he English and missed it.

  • Head of House SpeechProfessor Rory Taransay, Wed Feb 7 12:05
    Another year back at Sonora. Rory had been here for a few years now and, whilst the similarity of each day could get a bit monotonous, he was also enjoying the fact that he felt properly settled in... more
    • Herr Xavier mentioned Academic Support? (Rory) — Heinrich Hexenmeister, Sat Feb 10 10:25
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