Heinrich Hexenmeister
I was German talked into this
Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:40

Heinrich had not really planned to join the Quidditch team. Sure, he could fly, he even enjoyed flying, but Quidditch was much more than flying. If it had been a cross country flying team, or a broom sprint, that would have been different, but Quidditch involved balls and bats and strategy beyond just how far to push yourself at any given moment.

So he had left the Quidditch Sign-Up Sheet alone and didn’t give it much of a second thought until the seventh year Frenchman accosted him in the common room. Heinrich had been so nervous, faced with such an older student, particularly one wearing not one but two shiny badges, that he had stammered something in his native language and the Quidditch captain spoke back to him in the same tongue.

It wasn’t fantastic German, and it was French accented, but it was German, and he understood it, and Heinrich was feeling so German starved right then that it wouldn’t have mattered if Louis Valois had asked him to join him in building dollhouses. Heinrich would have done it just to hear another person say Hallo instead of Hello every time he saw them.

So that was how

Heinrich Hexenmeister, Jahr 1, ?

came to be added to be added to the Aladren Quidditch sheet. He was familiar with the positions enough to know what they each did, but not so much as to know which he would be good at, and definitely not so well as to be able to name them in English, so he figured it was just safest to leave that part as a question mark.

OOC: Louis’ knowledge of German and sweet-talking to encourage Heinrich to join approved by his author.

  • Quidditch Signups!Louis Valois, Wed Feb 7 12:26
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    • I was German talked into this — Heinrich Hexenmeister, Tue Feb 13 12:40
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