Amelia Layne
And made with such sophistication.
Tue Feb 20, 2018 14:00

Amelia took her time making her way back from the Feast, not really overly interested in going to bed yet and not really in the mood to do anything else yet, either. The transition between time zones wasn’t as overwhelmingly horrid as it had been when she was in her first year, or even her second year, but it still wasn’t much fun, either.

To challenge herself, she wandered through the library a bit, ensuring she could still find her way to the Common Room without tagging along after the first years and Professor Taransay. As a result, she was slightly later in getting back than some and was surprised when Louis Valois made a straight line for her upon her entrance.

“Hi, Louis,” she said politely, trying not to look too obviously admiring of his looks. Aladren girls had more exposure to Louis’ looks than most, and so weren’t necessarily as dazzled as others, but it had been all summer since she’d last admired them up-close, much less while their owner was talking directly to her.

His message, however, managed to distract her pretty thoroughly after a moment. Her eyes widened slightly in surprise and perhaps a vague hint of dread. Quidditch captain? She knew it was to a certain point expected of her – she was after all a Layne girl, and Granddad expected things – but she had…never really thought about it. Now she was thinking about it.

“Um – yeah, of course,” she said, slightly breathlessly. “Yeah – I’m not picky about my positions, though, I can go back to Seeker or stay as Chaser, that’s, er, that’s all okay with me. I’m not picky.”

OOC: Will aim for a sign-up post, but included the ramble about positions so this can be a pseudo-sign up if I don’t get there by week’s end :)

  • A proposition [tag Amelia Layne]Louis Valois, Wed Feb 7 12:39
    Upon receiving his Quidditch captain letter, Louis had realised that choosing his assistant captain would be of vital importance. This was the person who would continue the Aladren team after him.... more
    • And made with such sophistication. — Amelia Layne, Tue Feb 20 14:00
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