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Professor Rory Taransay
Head of House Speech (welcome, first years!)
Fri Aug 3, 2018 07:19 (XFF:

After the chaos that had been last term, Rory was hoping for a calmer school year. As ever, his summer had been full of adventuring, studying Runespoors. His thirst for adventure filled for now, he was quite happy to return to Sonora and a simpler life, one spent teaching, marking essays, getting to know the new staff, and writing up his summer findings. A danger-free life was his for the next few months, assuming nothing went drastically wrong in any of his classes. Nothing had, as yet, but one could never be too careful when wild animals and potentially cocky kids were involved.

As the opening feast came to an end, Rory gathered his new Aladrens. There were three this year, keeping numbers fairly constant, and once again he thought how lucky he was being the Aladren head of house. He tended to have the more logical kids, reducing the chance of unexpected arguments and fallings out and other teenage drama. Merlin spare him the teenage drama.

Rory led his new students out of Cascade Hall and along the corridor until he reached the library. He entered and, making sure everyone was still with him, paused down a certain aisle, next to a certain book.

“Note this book; it’s the entrance to your common room,” he informed them, pulling the book as if it were a lever and thus revealing the door to the Aladren common room.
Once everyone had filed into the common room, he began his speech, his Scottish accent as prominent as ever. No amount of time spent in the United States seemed to change it.

“Welcome to Aladren. I’m your Head of House, Professor Taransay, and also the Care of Magical Creatures professor. I’m your first point of call if you have any questions, worries, or problems, so don’t hesitate to come and see me if you need help. This year’s head girl, Nevaeh Reed, is also an Aladren, and our house prefects are Zevalyn Ives and Emerald Brockert. They are also there to help you, if wish to speak to a student about something.

“The noticeboard in this common room will give you information about sports and clubs. We have lots of extracurricular activities, so do give them a try. You are also welcome to start a club if you think of something that isn’t already covered.

“The boys’ dormitories are up the stairs and to the left, whilst the girls’ dormitories are to the right. You are not allowed in any dormitory belonging to the opposite gender. Curfew is at 10pm, so please be in the common room or your dormitory by then. My office is just off the common room, and you’re welcome to come see me whenever you want.

“Does anyone have any questions, before I let you all go to explore, chat, unpack, etcetera?”

OOC: You can now post your character on any of the boards, except for other common rooms. Classes will be posted at different times on the class boards, so keep an eye out for those, as they’re a good place to meet other characters. You can also continue your conversations at the feast and at orientation – you can continue old threads whilst starting new ones, so long as they would not happen at the same time (we call this fuzzy time). If you have any questions, just ask in the chatzy. Good luck, and have fun!

    • First night [Roommate tag Topaz/Alysia]Ness McLeod, Fri Aug 3 09:16
      Ness followed Professor Taransay to the Aladren Common Room. It being in the library was very cool, and his Scottish accent was nice. Dad and Aunt Catriona said they sounded American to their own... more
      • So it isTopaz Brockert, Sat Aug 25 19:32
        Topaz, though she surely wasn't showing it, was pleased to be at Sonora. She could not wait to learn how to use her magic and then use it in new experiments. So far, the first year had been seriously ... more
        • The raccoon in the roomNess, Sat Sep 1 20:23
          Topaz Brocket of the Western Brockerts’ introduction put her teeth on edge. Was all of that really necessary upon meeting your roommate? A roommate who had introduced themselves by abbreviated first... more
          • And the frog tooTopaz, Wed Sep 12 10:33
            Topaz was slightly taken aback by the words that came out of her roommate's mouth. Not the profanity even though she had always been taught it was unladylike to swear. Not that she really cared much... more
            • The ‘explanation’ that it was a racoon received a solid eye roll, even though it was the kind of passive aggressive and sarcastic response that Ness might well have given had the situation been... more
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