Ness McLeod
First night [Roommate tag Topaz/Alysia]
Fri Aug 3, 2018 09:16

Ness followed Professor Taransay to the Aladren Common Room. It being in the library was very cool, and his Scottish accent was nice. Dad and Aunt Catriona said they sounded American to their own ears, but everyone else still heard a distinctive highland twang when talking to them, and the two of them would sometimes exaggerate the accent a bit. It was a good accent. Warm, and comforting because it sounded like home, and exciting because it sounded far away and promised rolling hills and craggy rocks. Ness had only ever seen pictures of Scotland, seeing as the family wasn’t on speaking terms with the relatives back there, but it was decidedly beautiful.

The first year listened attentively, managing not to frown at the Professor, even though a Professor at all and an Aladren Head of House especially should have known the difference between gender and sex. He meant that they were not allowed into dormitories belonging to the opposite sex, because there could be no such thing as the opposite gender because it was a social construct and a lie. But Ness kept quiet and did not frown. Everyone at home had explained the sleeping arrangements of boarding school life. And, in some senses, yes they were stupid rules, but at the same time, the school had to arrange people in some sort of way, and also to try to prevent students getting up to inappropriate things together. As most people were straight (or certainly presumed themselves to be when teenagers, especially when blinkered by a heteronormative society) this way had a certain amount of logic to it. Also, straight sex got people pregnant, which was definitely a bad thing. Whilst all that was perfectly fine in theory, there had been two bits of advice which had really stuck, which were the reasons that the question of ‘Any questions?’ was not getting a debate about gender. The first bit advice had been from Mom. After checking that Ness did not, in terms of personal identity, have a problem with taking the expected/assigned room, and that this was more a… theoretical ‘on principal’ stance, she had pointed out very pragmatically, that the Head of Houses had little to do with designing the dorm room system, and that asking them about it was probably going to do very little except seem passive aggressive and piss them off. If Ness wanted to know more or change the system, it was something that needed research (how exactly did it work? What accommodation was in place for non-gender-binary students etc? Who were the right people to talk to about that if there were issues?). Those probably were not subjects for a first night question and answer session. The second reason had been Aunt Lola pointing out that, as a gay person, life dealt you very few advantages, but the ability to have a private hook up space if you went to boarding school was one of them, and not to knock that. This had been followed by suggesting that Ness did not mention to the rest of the family that she had said this, and that she certainly was not condoning the idea of roommate seduction on their first night. Or in general, really, until Ness was much, much older. Really. Please don’t.

Ness headed towards the stairs, ready to deflect the comments of anyone who thought that the first year had misremembered which ones for boys and which ones for girls, hoping that such comments didn’t come. That was supposed to have been the best bit with Evelyn - Ness didn’t know whether it counted as a surprise or not, whether Evelyn had worked it out or genuinely hadn’t been interested in what was under Ness’ robes, but if they’d got put in Aladren together, they would have been roommates. Ness had been trying to decide whether to tell Evelyn that once they were at the table together or to just let the situation speak for itself when they went upstairs together at the end of the night. But now Evelyn was in Pecari, and Ness did not think that Aunt Lola really needed to worry about the issue of opening night roommate seduction. The thought of seducing Evelyn had been vaguely appealing, both because Evelyn was so nice, and seemed so open minded (the most attractive quality in a person) and, for all that Ness had never previously been interested in make up, Evelyn’s lipstick had been very attention grabbing, and Ness couldn’t quite shake the idea of investigating whether it left little orange lip-shaped marks on people if Evelyn kissed them. Ness had glanced over to the Pecari table occasionally, especially when there had been an explosion. That had been the boy Evelyn was talking to covering himself in green sludge, and Ness had felt sorry for Evelyn, being stuck next to someone who was obviously a moron. In the morning though, house tables wouldn’t be mandatory (they only were for the feast), so Evelyn could spend the day as an Aladren, away from him.

For now though, it appeared that there were three of them in the biologically female first year dorm. Ness flopped down onto one of the beds, eyeing the other two, wondering if they were wondering what a boy was doing in their room. Hopefully Aladrens were smart enough to realise that, given that the corridor hadn’t had any issues, Ness was in the right room, in spite of appearance. In spite of the fact that the concept of ‘right room’ was fundamentally flawed.

“Hi. I’m Ness,” came the greeting.

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