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Topaz Brockert
So it is
Sat Aug 25, 2018 19:32

Topaz, though she surely wasn't showing it, was pleased to be at Sonora. She could not wait to learn how to use her magic and then use it in new experiments. So far, the first year had been seriously limited by the restrictions on underage magic. Not that she didn't sneak old wands to practice with. Restrictions on underage magic were super unfair. Topaz could kind of see it with Muggleborns, because it could violate the Statute of Secrecy, but she was never around Muggles and underage magic restrictions meant forcing children to be dependent on their parents or live what was basically the same as Muggles, by having to do things without magic. Neither of these options appealed to her. She was not a Muggle and she was superior in intellect to her mother. Her father too really, but her mother more so. Therefore, Mother should not be able to rule over her.

Luckily, they had house elves so it wasn't as if Topaz ever had to do chores. Chores were beneath her intellectually. She did not have time to waste on making her bed and picking up after herself. Even better was that house elves had to do what she told them, so they made ideal test subjects.

Topaz was also extremely pleased to be sorted into Aladren despite that Emerald was in it. In all honestly, she wanted to be away from her siblings and cousins unless it worked to her advantage to have them around. She would normally have wanted to use her sister's status as prefect but she knew full well that Emerald wasn't about to do her any favors.

Of course all she had to was let people think that Emerald would.

But Aladren was the house for brainy people and she was a brainy person. Now, instead of being surrounded by the intellectual inferiors that were her mother and siblings, she would be around other smart people who'd hopefully appreciate her genius. Of course, Topaz was likely still smarter than them the way she was smarter than Emerald, but at least they wouldn't be total idiots like those Pecaris she'd seen at the feast. The slime covering was standard Pecari behavior but she'd been rather aghast at the fact that the girl with the clownish lipstick had allowed Slimey to place his wand inside her mouth! Could someone be more stupid? Obviously they had to be Muggleborn because if they had magic in their families, they would know better.

Then again, maybe they'd be willing test subjects. That could be fun even if it did lack the psychological terror she usually inflicted on Allegra and Sapphire as well as the fact that them knowing ahead of time would possibly affect her data. Still, it was something to keep in mind and as they were obviously not members of pureblood society it would be easier for Topaz to get away with. Risks were too great when using members of society that she wasn't related to.

She followed the Head of House to the Aladren common room along with another girl and the boy who'd been talking to Clown Lips at Orientation. About the only really valuable information given was where the common room was located, how to get in to it, and which dorm was hers.

Topaz entered the room and began to unpack when someone spoke. She blinked. Apparently the person who she'd thought was a boy was not because otherwise, she would not be allowed on this side. "Hello Ness. I am Topaz Brockert of the Western Brockerts." She didn't bother with the curtsy as she didn't think she needed to and removed her taxidermied raccoon. Topaz placed it on top of her dresser with pride.

  • First night [Roommate tag Topaz/Alysia]Ness McLeod, Fri Aug 3 09:16
    Ness followed Professor Taransay to the Aladren Common Room. It being in the library was very cool, and his Scottish accent was nice. Dad and Aunt Catriona said they sounded American to their own... more
    • So it is — Topaz Brockert, Sat Aug 25 19:32
      • The raccoon in the roomNess, Sat Sep 1 20:23
        Topaz Brocket of the Western Brockerts’ introduction put her teeth on edge. Was all of that really necessary upon meeting your roommate? A roommate who had introduced themselves by abbreviated first... more
        • And the frog tooTopaz, Wed Sep 12 10:33
          Topaz was slightly taken aback by the words that came out of her roommate's mouth. Not the profanity even though she had always been taught it was unladylike to swear. Not that she really cared much... more
          • The ‘explanation’ that it was a racoon received a solid eye roll, even though it was the kind of passive aggressive and sarcastic response that Ness might well have given had the situation been... more
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