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The raccoon in the room
Sat Sep 1, 2018 20:23

Topaz Brocket of the Western Brockerts’ introduction put her teeth on edge. Was all of that really necessary upon meeting your roommate? A roommate who had introduced themselves by abbreviated first name only? The only conclusion that Ness could draw was that Topaz Brockert of the Western Brockerts thought all those bits of information about herself to be terribly fascinating and important.

But… Aunt Catriona might well have gone around introducing herself as Catriona McLeod of the Highland McLeods when she had been a first year.

Dad might well have gone around introducing himself as Fionn McLeod of the Highland McLeods when he had been a first year.

Ness struggled to mesh that idea with the mental picture of the current McLeod family. It was just so alien. Surely, whatever else Aunt Catriona and Dad had been like at school, they had been underlying nice though. Aunt Catriona had always liked Aunt Lola, even though she was Muggleborn. It was hard to imagine her putting on airs and graces with her. But maybe she had been like that, at the beginning.

Ness was about to try to tell Topaz Brockert of the Western Brockerts that it was nice to meet her. This was not strictly speaking true yet. But they had to share a room for seven years. And Ness had been forced to endure several talks about ‘not pissing people off’ before being allowed to leave for school. Only stupid people tended to be annoyed by the first year, and Ness couldn’t see why other people’s stupidity was anyone’s problem except their own. Ness was certainly not willing to be any less intelligent just to preserve the feelings of morons. Still… they had to share a room. And maybe Aunt Catriona had been like this once. Was Topaz Brockert of the Western Brockerts underlyingly nice, and redeemable in spite of her fancy introduction? That was the question. And Ness should at least try to answer that before clapping back about her name.

However, before Ness could make a go of saying ‘nice to meet you,’ Topaz pulled out a stuffed raccoon. And not as in the snuggly variety. As in a real actual dead raccoon, which she placed on top of the wardrobe, and thus the words that came out of Ness’ mouth instead were “What the hell is that?!”

  • So it isTopaz Brockert, Sat Aug 25 19:32
    Topaz, though she surely wasn't showing it, was pleased to be at Sonora. She could not wait to learn how to use her magic and then use it in new experiments. So far, the first year had been seriously ... more
    • The raccoon in the room — Ness, Sat Sep 1 20:23
      • And the frog tooTopaz, Wed Sep 12 10:33
        Topaz was slightly taken aback by the words that came out of her roommate's mouth. Not the profanity even though she had always been taught it was unladylike to swear. Not that she really cared much... more
        • The ‘explanation’ that it was a racoon received a solid eye roll, even though it was the kind of passive aggressive and sarcastic response that Ness might well have given had the situation been... more
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