And the frog too
Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:33

Topaz was slightly taken aback by the words that came out of her roommate's mouth. Not the profanity even though she had always been taught it was unladylike to swear. Not that she really cared much as she thought a lot of the ladylike things were awfully silly. As much as Topaz liked to take advantage of her position in life as a Brockert to get what she wanted-and as Mortimer Brockert's granddaughter to get advantages around school, such as permission to use the restricted section of the library-she didn't truly fit that pureblood girl mold. She wasn't a perfect little lady like Ruby and Amethyst and her cousin Esme. Or even Allegra or Sapphire. In fact, even Emerald fit better than she did.

Topaz felt she was above all that. She had gifts that were not bestowed on her sisters-or really brother either-or cousins. (Even if she did grudgingly admit Emerald and Isla seemed bright though of course, it bugged her when people commented on her little cousin's precociousness. She was supposed to be the precocious one, the intelligent one. People had said that about her when she was Isla's age and now they were saying it about Isla instead. It was grating.)

In all honesty, she didn't really like the idea of being a pureblood housewife and socialite. It sounded boring. And then she'd be expected to procreate. Topaz didn't have a nurturing bone in her body, but then neither did her mother and she had six children. That was not happening, no matter how much her husband wanted an heir. Maybe if she married someone not an heir to an entire family, there would be less pressure on her.

For even more than she resented praised heaping on Isla for being precocious, she resented the preference some purebloods had for boys. The fact that her parents hadn't wanted her or Ruby or Sapphire or really even Emerald and all they were attempts to get their heir. Never mind that Topaz was so incredibly superior to Jasper. Granted, he wasn't defective like Sapphire was but he wasn't on par with her .

Anyway, the issue that she took with her roommate's question was that the question seemed it did not need asking. What the first year had was not some magical creature that a Muggleborn would be unfamiliar with, it was a simple ordinary common raccoon. "A raccoon." Topaz replied as if it should be completely obvious. Because it was.

Honestly, this was Aladren . The other girl should have been able to figure that out. Even the dumbest Pecari would be able to identify a raccoon. Why was she here if she didn't know that? Aladrens were supposed to be smart!

The raccoon's eyes blinked as if it knew they were talking about him, and he moved slightly on his mount, his paw seemingly beckoning towards Ness. Topaz grinned with pride. That magical stuffing was working nicely. "I stuffed him myself. Great isn't it? I've been doing taxidermy for a few years now and it's a ton of fun. I hope to move on to bigger creatures soon. I hope Care of Magical Creatures will inspire me. It would be so much fun to do a garden gnome."

Topaz reached into her trunk. "I also have this ." She pulled out a frog on a mount. Even though it was smaller and easier to catch than the raccoon, it had been harder in terms of getting it to move the way she wanted. However, she had managed to go past eye blinking. Topaz placed it next to the raccoon.

A moment passed and then it happened. The frog made a leaping motion. "I really would like to be able to make it croak too."

  • The raccoon in the roomNess, Sat Sep 1 20:23
    Topaz Brocket of the Western Brockerts’ introduction put her teeth on edge. Was all of that really necessary upon meeting your roommate? A roommate who had introduced themselves by abbreviated first... more
    • And the frog too — Topaz, Wed Sep 12 10:33
      • The ‘explanation’ that it was a racoon received a solid eye roll, even though it was the kind of passive aggressive and sarcastic response that Ness might well have given had the situation been... more
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