I see your dead animals and raise you all the gay
Mon Sep 24, 2018 08:21

The ‘explanation’ that it was a racoon received a solid eye roll, even though it was the kind of passive aggressive and sarcastic response that Ness might well have given had the situation been reversed.

“Obviously,” the first year replied. The facts that it was a very dead raccoon and was in their room were clearly the issues at hand Topaz did go on to explain, stating that taxidermy was her hobby. Ness would have assumed she was joking, especially about the garden gnomes, except the evidence to the contrary was twitching and beckoning from the top of the wardrobe.

“How can you enjoy stuffing dead animals, that’s horrible?” Ness asked, totally appalled. The fact that it was Topaz’ hobby, and the note of pride that had been in the girl’s voice, might - had this been Teppenpaw - been cause to try a subtler tack. But there was a reason Ness had not ended up in the diplomatic house. “And the title of the class is Care of Magical Creatures. I don’t think Professor Taransay will be too impressed by you wanting to stuff them!” Ness added, somewhat sanctimoniously. The idea of being out of favour with a teacher was about the worst kind of censure the first year could imagine.

Ness flipped open the trunk at the end of the bed, deciding to fight fire with fire. Or rather, decor with decor. It was a little hard to find the desired items - they were easily accessible, packed on the top, but Ness’ hands had to do the searching mostly unaided because it was hard to not watch the racoon and the frog, and the girl who had put them there, afraid of what they might be doing if they went unwatched.

Ness sat sideways on the bed, so that the creepy assembly stayed in peripheral vision. A large rainbow flag was unrolled, and pinned to the wall by the bed. Ness then began surrounding this with various postcards, the messages of which were not particularly subtle. ’Some people are gay, get over it. Liberté, Egalité, Homosexualité. Queer Without Fear. Even if Topaz did not know what those words meant or what the rainbow flag symbolised, the point was underlined by both more general liberal messages ‘Equal rights for all’ and various pictures of boys kissing boys and girls kissing girls, including a particular favourite which depicted a Muslim woman in a rainbow burka.

  • And the frog tooTopaz, Wed Sep 12 10:33
    Topaz was slightly taken aback by the words that came out of her roommate's mouth. Not the profanity even though she had always been taught it was unladylike to swear. Not that she really cared much... more
    • I see your dead animals and raise you all the gay — Ness, Mon Sep 24 08:21
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