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Videos... Att: Ray
Wed Jan 19, 2011 1:31pm

This is a response I was sent by someone... I hope some of this helps...

1947 USA
The GLAMOR "Icers" and IceSQUIRES
Produced & directed by George D. Tyson
Group choreography & staging Marie Carr
Costumes by Billy Livingston
Stage Mgr. Bobby Johnson

Ensemble numbers: It's A Good Day, Dance of the Penguins, Waltzing in the Moonlight, In a Persian Market, Showboat Tonight, Gypsy Caravan and Let's Take a Holiday.

Principals: Murray Galbraith & Dorothy Goos, Betty Atkinson & Charles Hain, Frank Sawyers & Karen, Ted Meza, Kay Farrelli, Peggy Fahy, Bill Hiser, Loismarie Goeller, Fred Holly & Bob Day, Tony LeMac, Norman Sullivan, Bill Parker and Leo Freisinger.

Chorus: Joyce Burch, Frances Bruno, Lilyan Cunice, Mickey Folger, Joan Kay, Flo LaBrecque, Elverda Lohr, Dolores McCarter, Martha Olb, Doris Rice, Kari Rodgers, Shirley Savanna, Marie Vimr, Sybil Winters, Dorothy Yates, Edna Mae Cox, May Freisinger, Shirley Larson, Anita Cote, Jean Kay, Lucille Miller, Betty Green, Sally Ludwig, Ann Schmidt, Joe LeMac, Boyd Moore, Charles Ward, Jan van Ormer, Kenny Phelps, Jerry Smith, Jack Rose, Bob Johnson, Preston Lee, Glen McElhoe, Peter Carver and Paul Andre.

You may tell this person there are certainly no videos from that era. I bet tv still had to be invented in 1947.

I highly doubt you will find videos of that era... sorry... unless you can connect with someone who had an 8mm camera and happened to take some.


  • 40's and 50's HOI videos?Ray Blasing, Tue Jan 18 12:22am
    Hi folks, not sure if this message board is still active, but... My wife's mother, Anita Alexina Cote, was a skater with Holiday On Ice in the late 1940's and/or early 1950's, in the United States.... more
    • Anita CoteThomas Shaw, Thu Feb 9 12:47pm
      Ray- I talked to Lois (Goeller) this morning and she remembers Anita. I have checked the "show email address" so that you can email me and I would be glad to scan the cover of the program and send it ... more
      • Anita CoteThomas Shaw, Thu Feb 9 12:51pm
        Ray- I just checked my reply and I do not see my email address posted, so here it is:
    • Anita CoteThomas Shaw, Wed Feb 8 7:35pm
      Ray- My skating coach Lois skated with your Mother in Holiday On Ice. I just found my 1948 HOI program and your mother is listed in the chorus. Lois is alive and well and still teaching skating at... more
      • Anita Cote Ray Blasing, Thu Feb 9 1:39am
        Thomas, What a fantastic reply. Many thanks for connecting with me. I'd be very interested in connecting with Lois, if she has any recollections of Anita. I also located and purchased a 1948 program, ... more
    • videosJo, Sun Dec 4 8:12am
      try the website SHOWBIZZ where there are many historical videos or films of former ice shows to be seen. Good luck.
    • Mary Halesjdoyle, Mon Oct 24 7:33am
      My mother skated for Holiday on Ice in the 40's and 50's and I would like to find some old films if they are out there.She is 84 years old and I would like to surprise her with something.She loved... more
      • re;Mary Halesmona Christopher (Spenard, Sat Dec 3 11:59am
        worked with a Mary Hales in holiday in the States . WAS IN HOLIDAY ON ICE FROM 52 TO 57 AND THAN EUROPE 57 TO 59 -BACK TO HOLIDAY EUROPE AFTER MY MARRIAGE IN 62 AND STAYED TIL 65 I HAVE A PHOTO OF... more
        • Mona ChristopherAnonymous, Sat Dec 3 7:00pm
          Hi Mona, Wish I could see a photo of you, I know very well you know me, I have five children now and 11 Grandchildren. I am also 83, live in Illinois my children live in Dallas, Houston, Pennsylvania ... more
      • HOI videosRay Blasing, Mon Oct 24 10:53am
        Sadly, no. Looks like photos are the only likely remnants from that era. Sorry! Ray
        • Mary Halesjdoyle, Mon Oct 24 12:17pm
          Thank you Ray.I talked with her today and she said one of her old skating buddies may have some home video.I am going to look into it.
    • About Anita Robert Dierking, Fri Jan 21 6:34am
      Hello, please contact Kirk Wyse from New York and Lenel Van den Berg.  They both worked a LOT with H.O.I. And seem to know everybody.  If not, perhaps they can guide you in the right direction.  It... more
    • Videos... Att: Ray — Kathy Gingras, Wed Jan 19 1:31pm
      • Contact InfoChristine Van Ormer, Sat Jul 23 11:54pm
        For any interested, Loismarie (Goeller) Van Ormer is on Facebook.
      • Anita Cote, GLAMOR "Icers" and IceSQUIRESRay Blasing, Tue Mar 29 12:05am
        Kathy, this is FANTASTIC !! It'll get me started knowing the year, and the group name. Thanks so much!! Ray Blasing
    • Contact informationKathy Gingras, Wed Jan 19 7:26am
      Hi again Ray... You have not given anyway to get in contact with you.... when you post a note you need to click on the SHOW EMAIL ADDRESS.... to enable people to get back to you. Cheers Kathy
    • Board Still ActiveKathy Gingras, Wed Jan 19 7:24am
      Hi Ray...This board is still active... unfortunately the website it was attached to is not as Geocities decided to drop all their free websites, one of which was mine! But many folks still receive... more
    • Your replyTerry (Swiz), Wed Jan 19 12:51am
      You might want to check facebook, there are a number of HOI people on facebook..there is an HOI reunion page as well...many photos and programmes that people have posted...maybe you will see her... more
      • Old videos 40's and 50'sZULUZELLA, Wed Jan 19 3:56am
        Hi Ray A freind of mine LOUIS VAN PEER is an absolute wizard at finding and retrieving videos. He has posted SO MANY already onto Facebook, and I think he could really be the one to help you out. Let ... more
        • Anita CoteLucile Miller , Wed Mar 30 5:01pm
          I am the Lucile Miller listed in the information Kathy posted earlier about the 1947 show. I do remember Anita quite well even tho it is well over 60 years ago. She also was in the 1948 show with me. ... more
          • Re: Anita Cote aria18il, Tue Dec 20 12:57am
        • GLAMOR "Icers" and IceSQUIRES Ray Blasing, Tue Mar 29 12:02am
          Hi David, Thanks very much for your kind reply... I would VERY MUCH appreciate getting in contact with Louis, to see if he might have access to any videos or 8mm movies of the groups that Anita Cote... more
          • Anita CoteLucile Miller , Wed Mar 30 5:04pm
            Forgot to mention Kirk and Lenel can be reached at the Jamestown New York ice rink, they are the pros there. Hope some of this is of help.
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