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Janet Greisen Cook
Sun May 12, 2013 2:45pm

Great! Are you going to Holiday on Ice reunion this week in Las Vegas? Are you on Facebook? There were several with your same name?

  • searchingGreg Howes, Thu May 9 5:07pm
    Hi There, I am trying to find out what happened to or where Rudy or Rudi Bemboom might be. We worked together and were friends in HOI orage div. in the late seventies. Any info. would be most... more
    • Re: searchingAnonymous, Tue Feb 17 1:22am
      Hoi rudy bemboom lives in the city of Zwolle in the netherlands. My girlfriend works for him.
      • rudy bemboomgreg howes, Tue Feb 17 11:24am
        Thank you for your message regarding Rudy Bemboom. You mentioned your girlfriend works for him-could she possibly let him know that I am trying to reach him? I tried searching for him with Google and ... more
    • lookingbilly, Tue Apr 29 9:32am
      does anyone know the where abouts of JOHN NAZARETA 1970's holiday on ice
      • Johnjoel chandler parks, Wed Apr 30 2:35pm
        I was told.. {and it was from a source that seems creditable,}.. that John, sadly passes away in the 1980's in New York City.. I think JOHN was a great person, with a good heart.. a Dear... more
      • John NazarettaDottie Bertolino, Wed Apr 30 12:11am
        I'm sorry to say that John passed away many years ago.
    • rudyallison gray , Mon Dec 2 3:49am
      Ask Jan Peter I am sure he knows about him allison
    • HOI — Janet Greisen Cook, Sun May 12 2:45pm
      • ReunionGreg Howes, Sun May 12 3:04pm
        Can't make the reunion-are you going? I am on facebook. Try Greg Howes Sac. Ca. I also have a page for my business Two Flew The Coop.
    • Greg HowesJanet Greisen Cook, Fri May 10 10:18pm
      Are you the same Greg that was with Karen and Johnny Flanagans ice show?
      • JubileeGreg Howes, Fri May 10 11:46pm
        Guilty! Hi Janet it is the same Greg from Karen and Johnny's show. Hope all is well in your world.
    • Rudy?Kathy, Fri May 10 6:47pm
      Hi Greg, try sending this message to a HOI Facebook group.... Most folks on on there. Cheers, Kathy
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