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Facebook - Brigitte Wagner
Fri Aug 30, 2013 11:48am

I did try to find Brigitte Wagner on "Facebook, but had no luck. Things like married names and such as that could have come into play. Thanks just the same!

  • Have you tried Facebook?Kathy Gingras, Tue Aug 27 6:13am
    Pop over to Facebook and see if she os on there. :)
    • Facebook - Brigitte Wagner — Bev, Fri Aug 30 11:48am
      • wagnerjoel parks, Sat Aug 31 1:16pm
        Many people have been looking out for our Dear Brigitta, but i was told years ago, it seem she was living in North West with local American Native group, and was very happy, Her Family still remains... more
        • Re: wagnerkathy flynn, Sun Aug 6 3:23am
          Have been looking for Brigitta also, I do remember her irish setters. I skated with her in 1971 and 72. She was married in 74 ot 75 and then went back to holiday. I would love to find her.
          • Brigitta WagnerBeverly Roberts, Mon Aug 7 4:05pm
            I have not been able to establish any additional info on her or her whereabouts. I am so sorry I can not be of any help. Bev
            • Brigettakathy flynn, Mon Aug 7 5:17pm
              Thanks for trying Bev. That was very nice of u to responds.
          • BRIGITTA Dolena thompson, Mon Aug 7 3:36pm
            What is her last name?
            • WagnerBeverly Roberts, Mon Aug 7 4:07pm
              Her last name (at the time of HOI) was Wagner. I do not know if she has a "married" name now. Bev
        • WagnerBev, Tue Sep 3 2:29pm
          Joel - Thank you so much for your response. I roomed with Brigitte off and on before I went to the European show. I enjoyed the drives from city to city with her. She also had 2 beautiful Irish... more
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