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Eliza Steinbeck
Just minding my business
Sun Oct 16, 2016 17:14

It was the start of her second year and Eliza wasn't that impressed. Sure, Sonora was amazing and she had learned a lot of things, but the people in her year left a lot to be desired. None of them were good enough to stand by her side as a friend, well with the exception of a very few. She hated sharing her room with so many girls and wished some of them stayed back at their parents, but she wasn't that lucky. Everyone came back. It was too much to have 4 girls rooming together… There was no space for anything! Eliza hated having her clothing wrinkled because there wasn't space in the room for her extensive closet.

However, her roommates weren't the only problem.. There were the other girls in her year.. They were just so ugh. Eliza could think of so many words to describe them, but she presumed herself a true lady to actually repeat them.. Too much. The closest to a friend that Eliza had was Arianna Valenti, but they were so passive aggressive with each other that their relationship couldn't be actually seen as a friendship. Eliza liked Arianna because nothing was ever easy with her. They seemed to be equals, but Eliza couldn't even stand Juniper and Lily. Thankfully, they weren't part of her house. Those girls were a waste of space. Eliza maneuvered in class when it was collaborative learning to get out of being in the same team as them. It just felt like a waste of one’s time to share anything with them.

The Crotalus entered the Cascade Hall on saturday morning looking for some breakfast after a rather busy study week when she spotted a unoccupied table and walked hastily towards it. Eliza wasn't up to waste her time with inane human beings. She wanted some time to herself. Eliza needed some alone time away from her idiot roomates.

The Crotali yawned into her hand - it was earlier than she usually came for breakfast -, but she had to escape. The blonde girl cracked her knuckles as her fruit parfait magically appeared on the table. She smiled at her healthy breakfast before digging in. The first spoonful had some banana, granola and greek yugurt and it looked amazing. However, Eliza got distracted by something happening near her table. “You gotta be kidding me,” she mumbled a little bit too loudly. Her tone was cold and judging. It was too early.

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