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Headmaster Brockert
Wed Feb 15, 2017 19:25

Before the seventh years graduated and some of them said goodbye to academia forever, there was one final major test, RATS. For a good many of them, it would determine a good deal about their futures, from what jobs they could get to what schools they could get into. So while it was the last test of their Sonora careers, it was certainly one of the most important.

With the exception of Roland Ashburn, the CATS examiners had stayed around for RATS. Luckily, David Weatherby had. For such a difficult and important test, it was best to have an examiner as fair as he. Not to mention that for the female students, he was pleasant to look at. With his lean figure, bright green eyes and salt and pepper hair, he was obviously genetically gifted.

Not bad looking herself was Aurora Septentrion, who had long blonde hair, attractive features and a warm and friendly attitude that would hopefully put students at ease. Not that she was one to be messed with as she took her job very seriously.

Then there was Nanette Langdon who not pleasant in any way. She was a dour, joyless woman and she certainly looked the part, with her cold eyes, sharp features, tight bun and a seemingly permanent grumpy expression.

The theoretical exams were to take place in the morning, just like with the CATS exams that the fifth years had just gone through. "There will be no cheating." Ms. Langdon greeted the assembled seventh years. "Anyone caught cheating will be removed and automatically fail the exams. " Her voice implied that any such student would be caught, for their were anti-cheating spells in place. "Sit quietly if you finish early so you do not disturb others."

Practical exams would take place that afternoon. Much like with CATS, students' names would be called and they would be required to do their tasks. Once they were finished, they could leave.

OOC-Just like with CATS, you are free to write for any of the examiners.

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