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Headmaster Brockert
Fifth and Sixth Years
Wed Feb 15, 2017 21:49

When it came to Head Student, Mortimer felt it was nothing but a farce. He strongly felt that leaving the decision in the hands of a bunch of teenagers was ridiculous even if the staff did prune down the options of whom they could choose from. If he had his way, the staff would be the ones to choose outright just like with prefect. Not that Mortimer always agreed with those choices or the choices on the Head Student ballot.

However, students voting was a long held tradition at Sonora, idiotic one or not. Mortimer couldn't fathom how this had ever been thought to be a good idea by his long ago predecessors. It wasn't even as if those on the ballot got to campaign and say why they were the best choice as none of the students-no, not even those related to him-had any idea who would be on the ballot prior to them being handed out.

Okay, students could technically take it upon themselves to campaign but as there would be no guarantee said student would be on the ballot, they might just be wasting their time. Also, only the most conceited student would do such a thing. Anyone who did that did not deserve to be on the ballot.

Once the fifth and sixth years were assembled, Mortimer spoke. "Welcome. I am sure you know that you're here to vote for next year's Head Students. Please remember to pick the best qualified candidate."

OOC- Head student ballot can be found here- Voting is in character and if you have more than one character, you vote per character. Votes can remain as anonymous as you would like them to be and you do not have to reply to this message even though you may if you'd like to. You have until the day before the new term starts to get your votes in.

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