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Jamie Park
Roses are red, violets are blue, the fair is boring, snog me
Sat Feb 18, 2017 00:41

Jamie had been unenthusiastic about the fair since the first announcement. The most fun he thought he could get out of his last night at Sonora was pranking some of the booths. That had been before. But now, now he had… Sammy. They hadn’t done the whole labeling thing. It had been pretty much a case of hornily jumping on the other one whenever they got the chance. And, as they were in the same house, and had no qualms about very public displays of fairly full on affection, they had the chance quite a lot over the couple of months that they’d been together. Whenever she was sitting on the couch, the two of them were soon stretched along the length of it. Whenever they were studying and it got boring, she was on his lap. They had both turned in quite a few poor or incomplete homeworks and been late to quite a few lessons. It was slightly more than just the physical. He liked Sammy, and he made sure to tell her so. Mostly in terms of her body, you’re so hot... you make me crazy... that looks good on you, but also for herself. She was cool. She was funny. And she was not going to spend his last night at the stupid fair.

He had put some thought into their last night. The school would pretty much be empty. He probably could have got her undressed in the common room without anyone being around to see. And then there was always MARS. The school hadn’t really thought that through in terms of their whole ‘no girls and boys touching’ policy which meant he and Sammy couldn’t sneak up to each other’s dorm rooms for a bit of action, but which meant anyone, from any house, could lock themselves together in an unsupervised room. But, he thought, he could do better than that. During his first years, he’d explored, looking for secret passageways, but he lacked the patience to make a real success of it. Now, he dedicated the time when Sammy was in class and he had free (or “independent study”) periods, to independently studying the walls of Sonora, and any books that made reference to hidden parts of it.

He and Sammy hadn’t exactly made formal plans to go to the fair or anything (they didn’t spend a lot of their time talking these days) but he guessed she’d be expecting to hang out, or at least see him there or whatever. He met her in the common room and they set off, out through Pecari’s entrance in the grounds, but before they got to the path down to the Quidditch Pitch, he started to pull her back towards the building.

“Let’s call it a short cut,” he grinned. Heading just past the Cascade Hall, he leant casually against the wall, pulling her in to him. He snaked an arm around her waist, kissing her and fumbling for the brick he’d found the other day… The wall lurched, and suddenly they were on the other side of it.

“Lumos,” he cast, although there was nothing much to see - a bare earth passageway, with stone walls that matched the corridor they’d just come from. Just beyond the light of his wand, the ceiling had caved in, making it more a secret chamber than a secret passageway.

“Hope you didn’t want to go to the fair... “ he grinned. “I thought this might be more exciting.”

Two sentences was about the max he found he had time for these days before the desire to kiss her became over-whelming again. Even more so, as he still had his hands on her waist, and the really crazy thing was that the more he was touching her, the more he wanted to. He pretty much thought about being with her all the time that he wasn’t, but then when he was, it didn’t sate his hunger but only made it more intense. The need to touch. The need to kiss her. The need to feel her tongue in his mouth. He resumed his kissing of Sammy, stepping forward to press her against the wall.

OOC - all god modding/descriptions of the relationship so far approved by Sammy's author

    • Wow, from you, that's pretty romantic.Sammy Meeks, Sat Feb 18 19:22
      Life at Sonora had always been interesting, but Sammy’s life had gotten far more so since diving into her...relationship? If the media portrayal of teenage romance was anything to be trusted - and... more
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