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Sammy Meeks
Wow, from you, that's pretty romantic.
Sat Feb 18, 2017 19:22

Life at Sonora had always been interesting, but Sammy’s life had gotten far more so since diving into her...relationship? If the media portrayal of teenage romance was anything to be trusted - and Sammy did tend to put a lot of stock into television, honestly - then this was what dating was like. And by “this”, she meant “mostly just kinda making out”. They just hadn’t put, like, words on it.

She told her friends that it was proper dating, though, just because it was a lot easier to explain that way. And because Laila had already been… dramatic about it. It wasn’t enough to even call a confrontation, really, but her little conversation with Jamie had been a bit… well, Sammy didn’t know how she felt about it. She appreciated the sentiment because she knew it was Laila’s way of caring, but Sammy was a big girl. And she wasn’t nearly as good a Catholic as her friend.

So here she was, letting her boyfriend? lead her away from the school fair until suddenly he wasn’t leading anymore, leaning and pulling and kissing instead. Sammy liked kissing. She had alway been an optimistic person, but she found the world was even brighter when her eyes were closed, using her physical senses instead, skin on skin, the taste of another person in her mouth. It was a brand new means of perceiving, and with someone she trusted like Jamie, it was way more fun.

She very much not expecting the freaking wall to move, though, and she couldn’t suppress a sputtered squeak of surprise. Sammy looked around and the broken passage they found themselves in, aided by his glowing wand. “This place is cool!” She had never known there were places like this about the school, and it made her want to go exploring.

And while Jamie’s plan also involved not actually going to the fair, his involved a lot less exploring, at least not of anything besides each other. Then he was kissing her again, pressing her against the wall, and her brain got all fuzzy, but, like in a good way? She generally thought it was a good way, at least. Jamie made her brain go dumb without making her feel like she was stupid, which sounded oxymoronic and was hard to explain, but it was a feeling of which she was growing increasingly fond.

“We should go to the fair at some point, though,” she said at the next opportunity that her mouth became free, a bit breathless. “I mean, people will be looking for us.” Sammy wasn’t super sure if Jamie really had any friends except Uzume Shinohara, or if she’d care about where he went off to, but her friends definitely would. And she did want to see them, too. Plus, everybody worked so hard on the booth things, and she wanted to see the end result. But for now, at least, she didn’t resist Jamie’s idea too terribly hard. “We can stay here for a while first, though.” And then she wasn’t talking anymore.

  • Jamie had been unenthusiastic about the fair since the first announcement. The most fun he thought he could get out of his last night at Sonora was pranking some of the booths. That had been before.... more
    • Wow, from you, that's pretty romantic. — Sammy Meeks, Sat Feb 18 19:22
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