Jozua Sparks
You're the fairest of them all
Sat Mar 4, 2017 22:17

Jozua's summer had been about as dull as the one before. There'd obviously been the expected lessons his parents insisted he take so he didn't get stupid over the summer and there were the more spontaneous lessons his parents doled out because they were incapable of not turning any experience into a learning experience. Then he'd gotten a decent Quidditch broom, but as his love of flying for the sake of flying was basically non-existent and he only did it because Lily liked that he did, his flying practice with it was not any more entertaining than his other lessons.

The shining moment was, of course, his annual birthday present to see a Wizard dueling tournament live. He'd asked to invite Lily to it, too, but Dad looked all sad that Jozua didn't want to keep it a Father-Son tradition, so he hadn't ended up doing that after all. It was the right decision. Afterward, Dad promised that he could invite a couple friends to another one around Christmas as his Christmas gift since he was getting harder and harder to buy stuff for. Jozua had jumped all over that idea with glee. Christmas could not come fast enough.

In the meantime, he was glad to be back at school. He'd missed Lily and Madeleine and Finn. The few kids at home who hadn't thought he was invisible hadn't really ever been what he'd call close and being away at Sonora had further distanced them. Here though, he had no shortage of people willing to spend time with him. He expected they'd help the time fly much faster than the summer's slow creep through each day.

Though they weren't in the same house, Jozua made sure to find a seat for the Feast near Lily. She was his first and best friend, and, if he was being entirely honest, which he wasn't sure there was any need to be, but on those rare moments he decided honesty was in order, she was also his first and best crush. This had become clear to him by the amount of jealousy he had felt every time he watched her try to salsa with the Brazilian booth visitors.

He had sworn to himself not to tell her this, however, because he didn't want to make things weird between them.

This resolve was almost immediately tested upon the start of their conversation. Not only had she asked point blank if she was attractive, she'd demanded truthiness.

He stared at her in that wide-eyed way deer regard oncoming headlights (though, of course, as a pureblood wizard, Jozue was entirely unfamiliar with what headlights were or how deer regarded them, though he was equally as doomed so the analogy stands). So preoccupied was he with the options between reassuring her but outing himself versus preserving their friendship but lying when she told him not to, he entirely forgot that she had asked about his summer, which, had he not been panicking, might have allowed him some extra time to think about it.

But he was panicking and as such his brain was not working as well as it would otherwise, so what came out of his mouth was neither intelligent nor wise and he regretted it immediately.

"I'd marry you in a heartbeat."

It was the truth though. And that was what she'd asked for.

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall [tag Jozua]Lily Spencer, Sat Mar 4 13:01
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    • You're the fairest of them all — Jozua Sparks, Sat Mar 4 22:17
      • Pish posh.Lily, Sun Mar 5 10:30
        Jozua's outburst and wide-eyed look made Lily suspicious. Was he lying to make her feel better? But Jozua wasn't the sort to lie for that reason. At least, he'd never really done so before, but then... more
        • Someday I'll fly my house to South America for youJozua "Carl Fredricksen" Sparks, Wed Mar 8 14:51
          Jozua wasn't sure what he'd been expecting from his declaration of undying love - okay, maybe if he had phrased it that way, Lily may have reacted differently, but his natural penchant to not... more
          • As long as it's by durable coloured balloons.Lily "Ellie" Spencer, Tue Mar 14 14:00
            As Lily spoke of her English mates, she saw Jozua's facial expression drop. She could imagine the jealousy one would feel hearing their best friend talk about other friends they liked quite a lot. If ... more
            • Of course. Nothing less for you.Jozua, Tue Mar 14 19:35
              "Good," Jozua said, glad and relieved that Lily though she could visit for the New Years Dueling Tournament. Since dad had made the offer, he had alternated between being certain that she wouldn't... more
              • Glad we're on the same page.Lily, Wed Mar 15 06:44
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