Pish posh.
Sun Mar 5, 2017 10:30

Jozua's outburst and wide-eyed look made Lily suspicious. Was he lying to make her feel better? But Jozua wasn't the sort to lie for that reason. At least, he'd never really done so before, but then again she'd never asked such an unreasonable question as this. She let his comment hang in the air whilst she tried to decide what to do with it. A second passed before her suspicious expression melted into a sigh.

"That's very nice of you to say, Jozua," said she, convinced of his honesty but also knowing he was only saying this because he was her best friend, "but that doesn't answer my question." Lily dumped the chicken bone on her plate and wiped the grease off on a napkin.

"These boys I play with back in England - I told about them, didn't I? - they seem to fancy pretty girls with skirts and make-up. It shouldn't bother me, but it does for some reason." She knew exactly what that reason was, but she hadn't told a soul about it yet and would deny it until she was sure Geoff felt the same way about her. Not that he would, ever. "We're only thirteen and these girls already wear make-up. It's caked all over their face." Lily shook her head. "I don't know why, maybe they like to play dress-up? She wondered what Geoff would think if he saw her eating like this, piling chicken bones higher and higher. Even though she told herself she didn't care, it did make her somewhat self-conscious. She wiped her fingers again and decided to tackle mash instead.

Since Lily didn't want to reveal her own crush just yet, she quickly changed the topic as she was apt to do. "Summer was fun this year for me. Adam and Ginny were married, and I'm happy for them, but it's hard letting my big brother go." She felt herself getting a little choked up again at the thought and suppressed the thought before she embarrassed herself. "I beat one of the boys, Ed, in football and he cried because he hurt his ankle. I think he was just trying to get sympathy, crying like that, and it didn't work on me. I can be too rough, can't I? Well, I suppose that can't be helped. And another one of the boys back home has a crush on this pretty girl at his school and we all teased him about it. Dating seems pointless at this age, doesn't it? At least I think so." That was the truth - though Lily was quite certain Geoff sparked feelings in her akin to a heart attack, she couldn't imagine dating the way her siblings had dated.

"And Jack got hit in the head with a bludger, but I think he's about sorted now. How was your summer? Sorry I don't write frequently, I always mean to but there were so many things on. How was the wizard dueling tournament?"

OOC: Making the assumption that, since it's his annual birthday present, Lily would know about it to ask.

  • You're the fairest of them allJozua Sparks, Sat Mar 4 22:17
    Jozua's summer had been about as dull as the one before. There'd obviously been the expected lessons his parents insisted he take so he didn't get stupid over the summer and there were the more... more
    • Pish posh. — Lily, Sun Mar 5 10:30
      • Someday I'll fly my house to South America for youJozua "Carl Fredricksen" Sparks, Wed Mar 8 14:51
        Jozua wasn't sure what he'd been expecting from his declaration of undying love - okay, maybe if he had phrased it that way, Lily may have reacted differently, but his natural penchant to not... more
        • As long as it's by durable coloured balloons.Lily "Ellie" Spencer, Tue Mar 14 14:00
          As Lily spoke of her English mates, she saw Jozua's facial expression drop. She could imagine the jealousy one would feel hearing their best friend talk about other friends they liked quite a lot. If ... more
          • Of course. Nothing less for you.Jozua, Tue Mar 14 19:35
            "Good," Jozua said, glad and relieved that Lily though she could visit for the New Years Dueling Tournament. Since dad had made the offer, he had alternated between being certain that she wouldn't... more
            • Glad we're on the same page.Lily, Wed Mar 15 06:44
              The thought of adding additional courses to her timetable made her cringe, but being friends with Muggles with no previous experience was difficult. She was a quick learner in context - she didn't... more
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