Eden Manger
*noncommittal hand wiggle*
Mon Mar 6, 2017 20:29

Blue for Aladren, yellow for Teppenpaw.

Hearing the names of the Houses announced like this by the Headmaster jogged Eden’s memory. Teppenpaw was Jake’s. Aladren, she was less confident but still fairly sure, was Arnold and Sally’s. The other two didn’t matter as much in the moment as she would have been the first Manger sent to either and she was just looking to remember her half-siblings’ and what Jake said they meant. Aladren was the smart House. Teppenpaw was friendly. Like Jake.

A goblet slid into her hands. Eden peered into it nervously, her blue eyes reflecting back to her despite the natural coloration of the liquid. She was filled with what she felt was understandable trepidation, as one of the first magical things they asked of the first years was to drink a strange potion that would at best change their appearance, at worst do who only knew what. She didn’t think potions were dangerous if used correctly, and she couldn’t imagine the school would do anything to harm them, but Eden had just gotten here, and she couldn’t just accept this without worrying about it. She didn’t trust enough for that.

But she remembered Jake told her about this, and he said it would be okay. Jake, she trusted. So she sipped.

After passing the goblet onto the next person, the first year’s next step was a thorough inspection of her hands. It took a moment before anything happened, during which she had only her nerves and a lingering bad taste to focus on, but soon enough, she saw her skin start to change. Teppenpaw yellow. Like her brother.

There were some announcements that she didn’t pay much attention to, obviously not knowing any of the new prefects or head students announced and not knowing what a midsummer event meant. She noticed that Ryder Knight, the boy who had spoken to her at Orientation, had turned red and was sitting at that other table, Crotalus. After the announcements, there was a song. She didn’t sing, but she did look over the words on the sheet music that appeared before her. Maybe next year. Eden wasn’t really in the mood for singing this time around.

The next moment, somebody was talking to her. It was a girl sitting across the table from her, flashing a big smile. She was also bright yellow, and she introduced herself with a lot of words. Eden knew that was the pureblood thing to do, but her outsider upbringing hadn’t lent to her habitually responding the same way. “I’m Eden,” she offered simply, giving slight pause to consider Ivy’s question. “Well, I wouldn’t say I’m as excited as you are,” she said with a small smile. “But I guess I’m happy to be here.”

  • Excited!Ivy Brockert, Sat Mar 4 14:33
    All her life, Ivy had heard about Sonora and now she was finally here. The school where generations of her family had gone, where all her older cousins had attended or were currently attending, where ... more
    • *noncommittal hand wiggle* — Eden Manger, Mon Mar 6 20:29
      • Joining in.Alex Leifsson (and a bit of Madison), Tue Mar 7 21:28
        “What House do you think you’ll be in?” Madison whispered to Alex. She had read about the different Houses in the pamphlets they had received regarding the school. “You’ll probably end up in... more
        • Welcome!Ivy, Thu Mar 16 19:02
          Ivy smiled back. "Nice to meet you, Eden." So the other girl wasn't as excited and she sort of wondered why. Maybe Eden had wanted a different house or was homesick, the latter of which Ivy could... more
          • What an interesting trio this is. Eden, Thu Mar 23 01:17
            Ivy’s smile felt warm, genuine, and almost familiar, so Eden decided that she liked her. She hadn’t made a big deal of their difference introduction styles, so that was generally a positive. Eden was ... more
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