Araceli Arbon
I know the feeling
Tue Mar 7, 2017 05:35

Seventh year. It definitely didn’t feel like she should be a seventh year. That was, she supposed, hardly surprising, given that she had actually only spent a small fraction of her alloted time in this school. She didn’t want to be so close to graduating. Not only because she was just finding her feet here, but school was also the last slim defence that stood before her and the real world… That meant marrying Duncan Brockert, if she was lucky - on paper, she could scarcely hope to do better, he was from an exceedingly good family and actually seemed nice too, but she didn’t know him, and he thought he knew her, but actually knew, and presumably prefered, her sister. Or at least, her sister’s impression of her. But she had to hope for that, because the alternative was returning home to her father, a disappointment and a burden. He hadn’t wanted her for the first seventeen years of her life. Why would that be likely to change once she actually failed him? Time flew by so fast at Sonora. She knew that it would be no time at all before she was bidding goodbye to this place, finally somewhat safe and familiar, and having to start again.

She sat nervously in her seat, awaiting the announcements for head student. She knew it wouldn’t be her, it couldn’t be her… And unlike most people, she was more than fine with that. It was the ‘what if it is…’ that made her anxious. As Savannah’s name was announced, she breathed a sigh of relief. She applauded the head boy and girl, very grateful that she had not, by some horrible freak accident, won. She had been shocked and astonished to see her name on the ballot. She didn’t want to lead, or be in charge. She just wanted to melt quietly into the background. She could think of nothing more embarrassing than having to walk up onto the stage in front of everyone - which was not going to fit well with the fact that this year’s event was the concert.

As the feast began, she noticed that Cecilia Carey had taken a seat next to her. Even though they were many years apart, she had noticed the other girl’s absence last year. It was a small school, and they were housemates as well as both being society girls. Plus the sudden disappearance of a classmate… It was rather a relatable experience, even though she couldn’t exactly commiserate with Miss Carey over the subject, as to all other observers, she had been here for the duration of her schooling. She would have been relieved to hear that it was merely a regular illness, albeit a serious one, had she not enough skepticism to know better… Any time there was something more serious or sinister ir would of course be buried under a convenient excuse like Dragon Pox. She tried not to examine Cecilia too closely, knowing full well that she wouldn’t have welcomed such intrusion, besides which she wasn’t sure what she was looking for. If there was any untruth about it, the traces of it were not likely to be written on Cecilia. Not unless one knew her well. It had taken Effie long enough to realise that her sisters had been swapped, and she knew them intimately. Besides, she wasn’t exactly suspecting the same thing to have happened with Cecilia. Just… she only ever believed excuses so far.

“Good evening. Yes, very well, thank you,” she smiled when Cecilia addressed her. “Welcome back, I hope you’re quite well again,” she tried carefully to tread the line between appropriate consideration and dwelling on unpleasant and personal matters. It was always such a juggling act.

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    • I know the feeling — Araceli Arbon, Tue Mar 7 05:35
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