Alex Leifsson (and a bit of Madison)
Joining in.
Tue Mar 7, 2017 21:28

“What House do you think you’ll be in?” Madison whispered to Alex. She had read about the different Houses in the pamphlets they had received regarding the school. “You’ll probably end up in Aladren.” She tried not to be sour when she said this. She loved her sister. She really did, but sometimes, it was hard living with someone so perfect. It wasn’t enough that Alex always had a ton of friends, was super fun, and played sports. No, she had to be really smart too. It was really hard to compete with someone like that. It was absolutely exhausting.

Alex bit her lip and thought for a moment before responding. She hadn’t really thought much about which House she would like to be sorted into because she was too concerned with whether or not she would be sorted into a different House than her sister. Madison had a tendency to be a loner at times, and being sorted into the same house would make it easier for Alex to include her sister in her activities or group of friends. “I’m not sure,” Alex replied finally and let out a sigh. “I was hoping that we would end up in the same House.” She smiled at Madison and then turned her attention to the sorting ceremony that had started.

Madison felt conflicted by her sister’s words. Part of her wanted to be in the same House, but part of her didn’t. She felt that if they were in different Houses, then maybe she could shine for once. She wanted to be the one in the sunlight instead of the shadow. Even at the Orientation, she had felt like the ugly stepsister. She knew once they started talking to anyone that would be it. Alex would have all of the friends, because everyone instantly liked her and she would be left out in the cold. Okay, maybe she was being silly. Back home, their friends were mutual, but honestly, how much of that was out of politeness? Here, if she were in a different House, maybe she would have the chance to actually make friends that were her friends and not their friends.

Once the Sorting Ceremony started, Madison watched as her sister’s skin changed color. She was expecting Aladren, but…

Alex’s hand turned yellow. This meant she was in Teppenpaw. To her, this made sense. She was outgoing and tried to be friendly. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she nearly forgot that her sister was behind her in line to drink the potion. Alex quickly turned to see her sister’s hands turn brown. Madison was sorted into Pecari.

Alex felt a bit stunned. She hadn’t thought through what would happen if they were sorted into different Houses, even though logically she knew it was a possibility. She walked to the Teppenpaw table without saying anything else to her sister, simply because she didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t that she needed to be in the same house as Madison, but she knew she would now be worried about her sister being alone and not making any new friends.

She was still lost inside her own thoughts as she semi-listened to other first year Teppenpaw students around her introduce themselves to one another.

“I thought I would be excited to be here…” Alex chimed in, probably rather impolitely after hearing Eden introduce herself to Ivy. She meant for her statement to remain in her head, but she had blurted it out in her frazzled state.

“My apologies,” she began again, “I was thinking about something that was bothering me and didn’t mean to intrude. My name is Alessandra Leifsson of the New York Leifssons…but I usually go by Alex.” She hoped the other girls would excuse her lack of enthusiasm, as it was out of character for the new Teppenpaw. Alex glanced at the Pecari table in hopes of seeing what her sister was doing.

OOC: This post was co-written with Madison Leifsson's author.

  • *noncommittal hand wiggle* Eden Manger, Mon Mar 6 20:29
    Blue for Aladren, yellow for Teppenpaw. Hearing the names of the Houses announced like this by the Headmaster jogged Eden’s memory. Teppenpaw was Jake’s. Aladren, she was less confident but still... more
    • Joining in. — Alex Leifsson (and a bit of Madison), Tue Mar 7 21:28
      • Welcome!Ivy, Thu Mar 16 19:02
        Ivy smiled back. "Nice to meet you, Eden." So the other girl wasn't as excited and she sort of wondered why. Maybe Eden had wanted a different house or was homesick, the latter of which Ivy could... more
        • What an interesting trio this is. Eden, Thu Mar 23 01:17
          Ivy’s smile felt warm, genuine, and almost familiar, so Eden decided that she liked her. She hadn’t made a big deal of their difference introduction styles, so that was generally a positive. Eden was ... more
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