That's the beauty of it.
Tue Mar 7, 2017 21:43

Ryder blinked at Jen while patiently waiting for her to say more in response to the questions he asked her, but alas she just thanked him, gave her name, and asked him the same question she left unanswered herself. Every girl he had encountered thus far had been quiet and unengaged in conversation. He started to wonder if there was a prerequisite for attending this school that required participants to learn the art of not divulging any information about oneself to fellow students. If so, he had missed the registration deadline.

Ryder was not aware of how much he liked to talk, and therefore assumed everyone wanted to talk as much as he did. He genuinely found people interesting, but the lack of conversation he had encountered so far left him feeling frustrated. Nevertheless, he continued to be polite in hopes that he would find someone at Sonora who shared his love of conversation. He had not encountered this predicament at home, for his best friend Lexi rivaled his skill of constantly talking.

He thought for a moment before responding to Jen’s question. “Well, I am excited about being here, but it doesn’t seem like many people share the same enthusiasm.” He wasn’t trying to be rude, nor did he state his response in an abrupt manner, but this was genuinely how he felt. He did not want to fake a happy response if it wasn’t how he actually felt. He paused for a moment and continued, “I mean, I miss talking to my best friend, but I am excited to learn more about this part of my life. I used to attend a public school, and it was not the best experience at times.” He smiled once again, returning to a less frustrated state of mind. “How is that juice you are drinking?”

  • Oceans are difficult to containJen, Tue Mar 7 15:13
    Wow, it seemed like her smile had been interpreted as an invitation for the other blue kid to keep talking and not stop. Jen was definitely going to have to be more careful about which facial... more
    • That's the beauty of it. — Ryder, Tue Mar 7 21:43
      • Hard to keep in a school, thoughJen, Thu Mar 9 05:41
        Jen frowned; either Ryder didn’t like her not voicing her excitement, or he’d talked to other people already that day who also didn’t wish to express excitement. He didn’t seem at all impressed by... more
        • Zevalyn's head was spinning from everything she had seen on the tour. It wasn't even just the big things, either. Obviously the potions room looked . . . incredible, she supposed was a good word, as... more
          • You, my new friend, are missing out. Ryder, Thu Mar 9 22:11
            Ryder was pleasantly surprised that Jen decided to at least humor him and answer his questions. “Beet and cherry juice huh? Sounds...tasty?” He chuckled a bit. “I like cherry alright, but I am not... more
            • You make friends real quickJen, Fri Mar 10 14:54
              “Are you a muggleborn, too?” a girl asked out of nowhere. Jen glanced at her, preparing to frown disapprovingly in her direction - so maybe her conversation with Ryder hadn’t exactly been private,... more
              • This is awkwardZevalyn, Fri Mar 10 21:05
                Not a muggleborn. Zevalyn felt a small rush of disappointment, and it showed on her face, but she consoled herself with the information that he at least knew - and was best friends with - a muggle,... more
                • Trying to make things less awkward...Ryder, Sun Mar 19 22:45
                  While Ryder was waiting for Zevalyn to respond to him, Jen seemed ecstatic about his reply and began asking questions about skating. Zevalyn raised her eyebrows at him, which left Ryder in the... more
                  • Okay, less awkward, whateverJen, Wed Mar 22 05:35
                    He brought his board with him. Ryder had a skateboard, and he had it with him. Why did her mom hate her? Why? His skateboard was in his dorm room, right now. Jen's skateboard was in her bedroom at... more
                    • Maybe for youZevalyn , Wed Mar 22 09:12
                      After the earlier brush off and obvious interest both her Housemates had in skate boarding, she was uncertain whether or not declining Ryder's offer to teach her would result in being instantly... more
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