Jozua "Carl Fredricksen" Sparks
Someday I'll fly my house to South America for you
Wed Mar 8, 2017 14:51

Jozua wasn't sure what he'd been expecting from his declaration of undying love - okay, maybe if he had phrased it that way, Lily may have reacted differently, but his natural penchant to not explicitly share his feelings seemed to have made its underlying meaning less clear - but doubtful suspicion and a casual dismissal of his words had not been among predictions.

He was almost offended. Here he was basically proposing, and she was barely even listening.

Then he remembered they were thirteen not thirty and Lily - as much as he did care for her - was a bit dense sometimes, so she really had no reason to think Jozua seriously meant the details of their possible future wedding was a thing he did think about from time to time. (England, he had decided, was practically ideal: they spoke English there for the American side of his family, but it was much closer for his Dutch relatives, thus making it a perfect compromise location even before considering the bonus that Lily's family was actually from there.) He'd never mentioned it before because, well, they were thirteen and he didn't want her to think he was a dork.

So on the Not A Dork front, this reaction was really pretty much the best thing he could have hoped for.

Of course, then she needed to bring up the boys from England back home in this context, and he stopped trying to force an everything-is-normal smile. She had mentioned them before. They played sports together and they treated Lily like she was one of the guys. And they apparently watched and flirted other girls who were not Lily. Jozua was liking them more and more, though he didn't like that she didn't like this.

"No accounting for taste," Jozua stated, frowning a little, displeased with the direction of the conversation. Fortunately, though, Lily changed it and told him about her summer instead of dwelling further on the idiocy of her English pals. Who in their right minds wanted a girl in ridiculous makeup and impractical clothing when there was a stalwart adventurer in their midst?

He nodded in sympathy for the relative absence of her brother now that Adam had entered the married life, though as an only child, Jozua truthfully had no frame of reference for understanding that mixed bag of joy and loss. He had a better idea of her no holds barred method of play, though, so he could more easily picture this Ed guy's injury. She kept talking, not giving him a chance to answer her apparently rhetorical question that she was too rough sometimes, but he shook his head in answer loyally anyway, even if it couldn't be denied she was definitely rougher than he was. He considered that a Pecari versus Teppenpaw difference though.

"Totally pointless," he agreed readily when she stated her opinion on dating. This was a reassuring opinion after the conversation's previous topics, and it hopefully meant she had no intention of dumping him as a friend in order to find herself a dumb boyfriend and making kissy faces with him instead of adventuring with Jozua.

If he hadn't been friends with her for years already, he might have been left behind by her next sentences which jumped from discussing her other brother's fairly serious head injury to asking about his birthday dueling tournament in basically the same breath. However, as they were good friends, he was mostly used to her use of portkeys in her conversational maneuvering by now.

He decided no comment was necessary on Jack's condition since it sounded like he was fine now. Lily knew Jozua didn't say much if he had nothing to add (which meant she often shouldered all of the heavy lifting in their conversations though he honestly didn't think she really minded or even noticed most of he time), and she'd followed it with a direct question about one of the few topics Jozua actually did enjoy talking about at length, so he assumed she only expected a response to that.

"It was great!" He enthusiastically summarized, then launched excitedly into the nitty gritty details: who had competed, who had won, who had pulled an upset, and some of the more memorable moments in the duels. As he reached the end of his account, he concluded with the best part. "And Dad said we could go to another one over midterm, and I could invite you and Finn! Do you think you can visit in January, right before we head back to school?"

  • Pish posh.Lily, Sun Mar 5 10:30
    Jozua's outburst and wide-eyed look made Lily suspicious. Was he lying to make her feel better? But Jozua wasn't the sort to lie for that reason. At least, he'd never really done so before, but then... more
    • Someday I'll fly my house to South America for you — Jozua "Carl Fredricksen" Sparks, Wed Mar 8 14:51
      • As long as it's by durable coloured balloons.Lily "Ellie" Spencer, Tue Mar 14 14:00
        As Lily spoke of her English mates, she saw Jozua's facial expression drop. She could imagine the jealousy one would feel hearing their best friend talk about other friends they liked quite a lot. If ... more
        • Of course. Nothing less for you.Jozua, Tue Mar 14 19:35
          "Good," Jozua said, glad and relieved that Lily though she could visit for the New Years Dueling Tournament. Since dad had made the offer, he had alternated between being certain that she wouldn't... more
          • Glad we're on the same page.Lily, Wed Mar 15 06:44
            The thought of adding additional courses to her timetable made her cringe, but being friends with Muggles with no previous experience was difficult. She was a quick learner in context - she didn't... more
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