Hard to keep in a school, though
Thu Mar 9, 2017 05:41

Jen frowned; either Ryder didn’t like her not voicing her excitement, or he’d talked to other people already that day who also didn’t wish to express excitement. He didn’t seem at all impressed by her answer. When he said about missing stuff from home, and being excited about a new part of his life, Jen guessed she could kind of relate to that. She was about to make some sort of empathetic comment when he asked about her juice instead. “I… I haven’t tried it yet,” she said, but lowered her fork immediately to take a sip. She licked her lips after a small mouthful and crinkled her brow a moment while she contemplated. “It takes likes beets,” she said, evenly. “And cherries. Together. But… somehow that’s a good thing?” If someone had told her beforehand the red juice was beet and cherry flavor she would have left it it in the jug. “I think I like it,” she concluded, and proceeded to take another mouthful.

When she had swallowed, Jen pursed her lips to one side of her face and looked at Ryder again. “I didn’t much like school either,” she told him, and admitting something about her personal life to someone she had only just met was a big deal for Jen, but he’d seemed so dispirited just now she felt bad for him. “We moved a lot,” she shrugged. “I guess I’m excited about staying in one place for seven years.” Even if her Mom did move again - and Jen had no reason to believe that she would stay put - at least her daughter was safely enrolled at a boarding school that accepted students from (as far as Jen knew) anywhere. She wouldn’t mind being settled for a bit.

“Your best friend…” Jen started, curious about the nameless person that had been mentioned. She wouldn’t mind directing the conversation back at Ryder; she had already said more than was usual for her at a mealtime. “Why aren’t they here?” There could be all sorts of reasons, from a difference in age, to a different choice of school. Jen didn’t exactly leave any friends at home. There were some people she liked more than others, but they were all Muggles, as far as she knew. It would be cool, she guessed, to have someone to share magic with besides her Mom.

  • That's the beauty of it.Ryder, Tue Mar 7 21:43
    Ryder blinked at Jen while patiently waiting for her to say more in response to the questions he asked her, but alas she just thanked him, gave her name, and asked him the same question she left... more
    • Hard to keep in a school, though — Jen, Thu Mar 9 05:41
      • Zevalyn's head was spinning from everything she had seen on the tour. It wasn't even just the big things, either. Obviously the potions room looked . . . incredible, she supposed was a good word, as... more
        • You, my new friend, are missing out. Ryder, Thu Mar 9 22:11
          Ryder was pleasantly surprised that Jen decided to at least humor him and answer his questions. “Beet and cherry juice huh? Sounds...tasty?” He chuckled a bit. “I like cherry alright, but I am not... more
          • You make friends real quickJen, Fri Mar 10 14:54
            “Are you a muggleborn, too?” a girl asked out of nowhere. Jen glanced at her, preparing to frown disapprovingly in her direction - so maybe her conversation with Ryder hadn’t exactly been private,... more
            • This is awkwardZevalyn, Fri Mar 10 21:05
              Not a muggleborn. Zevalyn felt a small rush of disappointment, and it showed on her face, but she consoled herself with the information that he at least knew - and was best friends with - a muggle,... more
              • Trying to make things less awkward...Ryder, Sun Mar 19 22:45
                While Ryder was waiting for Zevalyn to respond to him, Jen seemed ecstatic about his reply and began asking questions about skating. Zevalyn raised her eyebrows at him, which left Ryder in the... more
                • Okay, less awkward, whateverJen, Wed Mar 22 05:35
                  He brought his board with him. Ryder had a skateboard, and he had it with him. Why did her mom hate her? Why? His skateboard was in his dorm room, right now. Jen's skateboard was in her bedroom at... more
                  • Maybe for youZevalyn , Wed Mar 22 09:12
                    After the earlier brush off and obvious interest both her Housemates had in skate boarding, she was uncertain whether or not declining Ryder's offer to teach her would result in being instantly... more
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