Amelia Layne
All in good fun, I hope?
Thu Mar 9, 2017 09:48

Summer had passed quietly, for the most part. Lionel had started working, and while he didn’t seem happy – he was quieter than usual and didn’t sometimes smile to himself for seemingly no reason, and didn’t tease her much and called her by her real name a lot instead of ‘Mimi’ – he didn’t complain. Amelia, her summer homework finished in the first couple of weeks between the combined energies of her grandparents, had spent most of her time reading, painting with Lionel or, two times, Mama, and trying not to die of heat and humidity. Twice Grandmother had taken her to the beach to swim, and that had been heavenly, aside from Grandmother, under a wide hat and an umbrella and a lot of sunblock, chiding her about how sunbathing would ruin her complexion and how she didn’t understand this mania for tanning. They had also gone to shops and tried on outfits they couldn’t afford a few times for fun, and Alicia, to Amelia’s surprise, had had Amelia and Lionel both over for tea several times (”she’s hoping you’ll tell her something about her cousin she can use against his dad,” Lionel had observed, and Amelia had to admit, Alicia had seemed very curious about what Winston had been up to last year and who his friends were, but why, then, had she been nice to Lionel, too? He had been a seventh year last year) and Amelia had written cheerful postcards and short letters to her roommates and Ayla Tremaine, who had hosted the girls’ lunch last year, to make sure they didn’t forget her over the summer. It had been fun, relaxing, and for the past week, she had been more than a little sorry to realize it was about to end.

Now that she was back at Sonora, though, Amelia was too pleased by the thought of seeing everyone again to think much about that. Tomorrow there would be lessons and waking up at the ‘wrong’ time and occasional manure in Herbology and Potions. Tonight, there was being awake way too ‘late’ and, more importantly, a Feast.

Hurrying in a little later than she had meant to, she grabbed a seat across from Flo, who seemed to be bickering with her brother. Amelia smiled – she and Lionel were not close enough to the same age to have ever bickered too much, but she had read about such things and had always been a little jealous of Rachel and Kate and Alicia for growing up with a house full of sisters and a little brother as much as for having money and the nice dresses and real jewelry that went with it – and applauded politely for the new Aladrens, mumbled her way through the school song, and then eagerly surveyed the food. Her attention soon returned to Flo and her brother, though, and this time she frowned a bit at Dustin.

“I think so,” she said when her roommate asked if she thought she could reach the mashed potatoes. Amelia picked up her knife and used it to extend her reach just enough to slide the bowl close enough to her that she could push it toward Flo without putting her hand on the rim of the bowl. It had a handle for just that purpose, but that was turned too far away from her for her to get it without getting up and leaning all the way across the table. Grandmother had negative feelings toward using cutlery in innovative ways to solve problems, but she had even stronger feelings about leaning one’s whole torso over the table to get something or putting one’s hands inside communal dishes. Or, really, eating with one’s hands at all except sandwiches – Grandmother ate even chicken with a fork, which everyone else found funny except when she made them do it, too. “There you go. You know, I think I read a spell last year that makes a loud noise if you want to test his hearing…” she added, looking at Dustin and figuring just the threat would probably prove he was just being a jerk.

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    • All in good fun, I hope? — Amelia Layne, Thu Mar 9 09:48
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